June 01, 2007


The Cynical Libertarian

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I'm just checking the speed of the site before voting DV

Typepad seems quicker. But that would probably change with increased site traffic. I recall Squarespace was quicker when you first moved there.

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I'm deeply troubled by the Conservative Party. In the early 80's there was a very clear strategy for sorting out the mess. Mrs T pursued this strategy relentlessly and this solid, unfluffy approach was what won her support and vilification. Her strategy was very clear - control the economy via interest rates and stop the unions from destroying businesses.

Unfortunately Mrs T failed to groom a successor and left the party with no strong leader.

Cameron will win a future election by default. I just wish that somebody in a position of influence with the Tories would find the next smart strategy for the country.

From where I'm sitting it needs to keep the economic fundamentals at the top of the agenda, but with the improvement in quality of life it also has to have a clear social backbone to address the old staples of health and education, with a specific focus to reverse the breakdown in personal responsibility that plagues the UK.

Otherwise I sense we'll have a swing from left to right and back again for elections to come.


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Cameron and his silly decisions...and I agree that his betrayal of our Grammar's is symptomatic of his more general betrayal of Conservative values

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Im glad to hear from you again. Looking forward to see some new post.

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