May 31, 2007


Mike Cunningham


Which code word was that, the one spelling IanPaisleyRules, or the alternate, which says GerryistheGreatest?

The Phantom


The Phantom

Actually, I now agree with Lindsay Berenstein---Typepad's too slow in uploading also

Thumbs down to both Typepad and Squarespace

A. Casalena

Are you planning on adding back the 60KB image in your sidebar here as well? This is not a balanced test -- you've configured both sites differently.

Please differentiate between commenting and page loading. Your customers are consistently commenting on comment verification speeds -- and not page loading speeds (it appears).

A. Casalena

(Above comment took 10 seconds to post, btw)

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Music, food, drink (non-alcoholic of course!) and lots of creativity will be served up on a large platter throughout the day. This event is turning into one of the many highlights of my time at Penguin, because it will be a day when I will apply all my new skills.

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I'm so glad I remembered you posted instructions on the monthly onesies! Especially since you can't find the Old Navy ones anymore. These are MUCH better anyway! My little guy is going to be 2 mos on the 23rd, but I think I'll fudge and do a late 1 month shot so I have the whole "collection." TFS!!!

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