May 31, 2007


David Vance


Peter T

Yes - quick to load and quick to comment. Now I have to see how quick it is to accept the comment when I press Post

Peter T

Yes, reasonably fast when I pressed Post - but could have been quicker. I'll see how this goes

Mike Cunningham

Speedy, far better than SquareSpace has become!

Mike Cunningham

I see we are still linked to 'Slugger' on the old site.

Is this because of a faint wish fulfillment, or sheer lack of momentum?

Pete Moore

Yep, all seems fine here.

Hugh Green

One of the advantages of Typepad over Squarespace is that Squarespace doesn't seem to accept my blindingly insightful contributions from this IP address.


fast screenload


fair comment load


Whos round is it.. Johnny, Fire up the guitar and mick wheres your banjo


A lot faster


Yes, clearly faster.

Have to say I don't like that dotted line under posts. One has to look twice to see who the poster is. A bit confusing. Otherwise nice clean GUI.


And another thing I just noticed. It lists the most recent post first. I find that terribly non-intuitive.


Well, let's see...

Test 1...I use Autofull for the Name and email address.

That doesn't fill correctly..my first name only in the name field and my last name in the email address field - minor point.

I'll echo the comment that putting the last post at the head of the list doesn't seem that useful.

Here goes the speed test...


Much faster...very much faster.

If you can talk to typepad to have them present comment in the inverse order...i.e. first comment first and latest comment last, I'd switch back.

Good Luck.

By the way, I've found on squarespace that I can post if I use Create Post immediately but if I go via the Preview Post and then try a post, forget it.

Richard Carey

Ah, the grass is always greener! I've been having the same problems as reported with squarespace, this does seem quicker


Very, very quick compared to squarespace!

madradin ruad


madradin ruad

First time site would not load the comment, secod time it took about 30 seconds - so not much improvement

Tom Tyler


Tom Tyler

??? Nothing happened for 15 seconds, then it made me do a word verification before allowing the comment. Let's try again.

The Phantom

Way way faster both ways

Ernest Young

sqarespace would be fine - if it performed as it did originally.

Yes, this is faster - but not sp professional...


Loaded like lightning - let's see comments.....


Quick, but why the code word to type in? Hate that.

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