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October 31, 2006



Onwards and upwards!


good luck with the move!


Very impressive stats David, well done. Wishing you and all at ATW continued success with the new platform.


Good luck!


best wishes from me too with the new site. Onwards and upwards . I had the honour of being the one millionth visitor. I wonder if I can achieve the 100,000th comment.

David Vance


Does lightning strike twice?!


Good Luck. And you picked All Saints Day to reflect the warm, gentle and kindly spirit of those posting and commenting for the new ATW look.

The Troll

or will it be the mischievious spirits that you will have to deal with??? after all the whole tradition of halloween the wearing of masks was to hide from the spirits...

Test Your Spirit Sense click this link and see if you can find The Spirit in the Picture. You have about 30 seconds (it helps if your sound is turned up)

Mike's America

David: I'm looking forward to your new setup. I've looking for a better platform myself and as of now, it seems that all of those currently available have their limitations.



Lightning can strike twice if a kind man in the know tips me of quietly when we are very very close to the 100,000th comment :)

David Vance


Yes, they are all limited in one way or another. My big issue is reliability - zero downtime. I want both writers and readers to be able to access 24/7, and I have found typepad to be less than reliable in that regards.


Good luck! See you in your new digs.


David -- we're very sorry to see you go, and I'm sorry we haven't lived up to your expectations. We're continually investing in the platform and technology that drives TypePad, to support the growth of our customers and their blogging efforts. We have been experiencing some issues with performance recently, and we're committed to addressing them and making TypePad the best hosted blogging service on the web. We wish you the best of luck with A Tangled Web going forward...

David Vance


Thank you for that. As I say, Typepad has virtues but in a fast moving news world, reliability is key for me. I'm keeping the typepad site for a while so I will watch typepad developments with interest!


Good luck with the move David.


Best o' British with the move, David & Co! May it all go smoothly.

Looking forward to the house-warming party. Was it a bottle of Magners and a packet of Walker's, or have I been misinformed on what to bring?

David Vance


Well, we NEVER refuse a guest's hospitality!!



What's the new URL? By the way the "Go away" thread seems to have turned into a reminissence about pranks pulled on Halloween.

David Vance

SBK - will all be revealed tomorrow morning! Stick with us!!

The Phantom

Good luck and come out rockin'

Madradin Ruad

Thanks David and Andrew :)


Well if I can,t be in the 100.000 or milliont,t maybe I stand a small chance of being the last post on the, soon to be replaced, ATW. Anyway GOOD LUCK Guys.

The Phantom


Sorry. You're not the last post. Ha ha.

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Good luck!

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