October 13, 2006



I'm not doubting, David, but where did you read that he's a Muslim?

David Vance


Try here...


ALL the conspirators were followers of the ROP.


the brit media are always up to this sort of thing, did you know that the west African 'west side boys' are really called the 'west side niggaz' but the bbc couldn't say it for fear of causing offence ?
what was offensive to any right thinking person was that this air brushed the effect American 'gansta' culture was having on the ethnic groups its associated with it in their own homelands, the effect the likes of 'suge' knight and '2'-'pac' (jaun cringes....) were having on young rural minds in Latin America and Africa, the end result being that the worst example of petty thug culture on the plant was completely obscured and its causes (social cancers from our part of the world, promoted by main stream euro-oriental music corps.) totally ignored, the poor folk left to suffer and soldiers endangered for half solutions. All so the gurdianistas don't choke on their fair-trade mocachinos
just as the character of the threat we now face has been obscured by the term ('extremism') instead of an open debate about the character of the Arabic religion.


First sentence of the lead story in today's Guardian:
A British Muslim yesterday admitted plotting mass murder through a series of terrorist outrages in the UK and the US that were "designed to kill as many innocent people as possible".

The M word is certainly there and properly so. No doubt the despicable George Galloway (sopkesperson for the advancement of Sharia law in the UK) would call this "Islamophobia". LOL!


Can I ask here what the diference is between mismim and Islamist. Cunningham tried to explain it as the difference between being female and a feminiat. I'm not sure that this helps as by some defintions of feminists I am one and by others I most definitely am not [although it is fun to pretend ;o)]

Is it that there is not commonly understood definition of this either?



I think a better distinction is between a muslim and an islamist. To my mind, the definitions are:

Muslim = follower of islam, but (if resident in the west) prepared to adapt to the norms of western society to a greater or lesser degree.

Islamist = aggressive follower of islam, but (if resident in the west,) not prepared to adapt to the norms of western society, and sometimes with violent tendencies, and at the extreme, a supporter of jihad in its various manifestations, including acts of terrorism in the western societies in which they live.


Sort of on topic. I saw this reported on another site and I googled it but it desn't seem to be being widely reported.


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