October 31, 2006


Sean Fear

The intention behind it is to shore up the position of incumbent (mainly Labour) MPs, while trying to limit the spending power of their opponents by introducing caps on spending outside of elections.

David Vance


I agree - but will the Conservatives vote against this and demand a "far-reaching" enquiry into the abuse of taxpayer funds by a profligate administration - or just pocket the gains?


Typical Tony B,lire Screw the People and the Poor New Labour stunt.

I hope at the next election the anthem will be Bye Bye Labour, Labour Goodbye!

This country needs to stop politicians getting their greedy noses in the trough and also stop politicians taking up chairmanships. If running the country is so important then it should be a full-time job and cut their holidays.

Richard Carey


you say that you want to stop politicians taking chairmanships, by which I guess you mean outside paid work in general.

The result of that is more career politicians, surely, which is the last thing we need. If politicians are like pigs at the trough, it won't improve things to insist that only the tax payer provides the swill.



I used to think like Ranger, re being an MP being a full time job. I now agree with you.

British Patriot

Bit off topic I know but, Perhaps not but it all looks like Communism to me, and may be backed up by Sharia Law.

Are they Lying to us.
Have the EUrocrats forgotten to tell us ALL of their Dastardly Plans.
What better way for an EU Soviet Police State to control its
Population than getting rid of Christianity and replacing it with Sharia Law.


Could the reason the Socialists want to have an Elected Lords be to get rid of the
Bishops who have an automatic seat.
Our Elite Are QUITE Prepared to DECLARE WAR ON their OWN PEOPLE, what was it Jack Straw said.
Oh Yes, the British are not worth saving as a race.
It's completely illegal, Our rights PREDATE Parliament.
The curse of Political Correctness

Here is Europol, Military Transnational Police with Diplomatic Immunity NOW.
Internet Shut down. , presumably health, Enforced Bankruptcy.Denial of Public services ? Health care ?

London 27th Oct 2007
Forward to 2 Close Friends

Stop Islamification of Britain
Demo London 26th Oct 2007
Forward to 2 Close Friends

immo bouwgronden

I don't agree upon the view presented in this article.I hope to see better constructed reports in the future.

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How can people complain they lose a freedom, when a new law gives others more freedom? Like a law prohibiting?
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How is constitutional regard and personal freedom a Conservative Principle?
One it comes down to it Cons and Libs seem to have similiar goals, but different recipes. How is constitutional regard considered a conservative ideology or that personal freedom is a conservative principle?

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jacqui smith is not such a bad person


yeah, like donna says, he really has good intentions.

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