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October 21, 2006



Remember Toxteth, Brixton, Peckham David? Blakelock hacked to death with a machete? Officers murdered...This is how i view this ongoing situation. French immigrants face an economic and racial situation mainly. France is secular so the religion pre 9/11 wasnt used by youths to stir up trouble. Its only now al qaeda has offered them an excuse theyve taken to it because France is sitting under a lame duck president and cant address unemployment at the moment. The French have also never allowed for proper integration. With the UKs failed and much more dangerous multi culti practise they wont follow that. The reason i mention the above brit riots is that these guys in France have little or no job prospects face outright hostility in terms of integration and all live in estates. This is their Toxteth and Brixton. Ive been to Grigny, its an hlm estate where much like Toxteth and Brixton they can barricade themselves in. Once Sarkozy or Segelene start France off under fresh leadership and with a view to resolving unemployment as they have both stated in their aims, the French 'initifada' will dampen and french secularism and national pride will reemerge. Not that either of the latter will be enthralling to us Brits but France stands a VERY good chance of resolving her issues. Britain on the other hand. Well, now that multi culturaism has been dropped by Labour finally (thankfully) - weve left entrenched some hardened and very very nasty extremism that weve cossetted and i dunno what we are are going to do about it.


This video just looks to me like some youths having fun with a firework not a frenchified 'intifida'.


colm, thats what i was thinking. bored yoofs, nothing else. i was doing similarly stupid things at that age. tho admittedly we had the sense to do it in a field, although drunk on cider.

Hugh Green

The sound is very patchy, but I think I can hear the guy with the camera say 'le quatorze juillet', i.e. 14th July, Bastille Day, a day when fireworks are set off all throughout France. So I'm guessing that what you have here is a group of French youths pissing about with a firework on Bastille Day.

Intifada me hole.


Contra Alison, surely it ought to be much easier in Britain than in France. Unlike the French we have a powerful legal tradition that didn't come from some two-bit dictator, and we have less than half the muslims. All we need to do is apply the laws that exist against inciting hatred, and to enforce the rights of employers over employees on dress codes- something other than banning crosses would do-, and to get tough on hygiene regulations (that will be Imams shut up, burka queens back in civvies, and the halal fascists out of business), and anyone who doesn't like it a free air ticket. And we do have the power left to enforce these actions. Trouble is it's too simple for the pols, or even elements of broader society, to digest.

Whether it would save us from the islamic dirty bomb is another question, but it would safeguard Britain from cultural islamofascism.

I read recently that 15% of the French army are muslims (the source was Paul Belien). I wonder what the percentage is the British army- 5%? 2%? We still have the power to do what we want, provided we aren't constrained by the EU, which is of course the elephant in the room. I don't think the French authorities have ever had that civil order capability, and if they did they appear to be losing it vis a vis their muslim banlieues.

On the other hand, the video above did seem to be a bunch of very nasty pranksters with an early Halloween firework or two.


that will all change ed. the french are going through their 70s/80s socially/economically to a degree & will come out of it. when i read the post below i worry for us. also why arent french constrained by the eu, were the ones that were quick to pull the echr into our own law. were the fools.



the French exam our famous model of multi culturalism and ask if it has caved in on itself. Check out the man they have in to discuss the issue after the report, Rachid. Note the difference with the kind of people WE invite in to discuss muslim issues! Do we even HAVE a 'laic' muslim group to promote in the UK? He even openly discusses the issue of islamo fascism without balking.


I don't know if one existed until recently Alison, but one exists now:


Given France's size and colonial relationship with muslim North Africa, it would be surprising if they couldn't muster a westernised muslim commentator. I know that real moderates exist (ie. secular muslims, virtually non-practising) in Britain, the media just don't think it's sporting to allow an irreligious muslim to speak for the faithful, so to speak.

My french, by the way, was not really up to following the debate, but I got some feeling for it.

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