October 01, 2006




But they WILL. You dont get it. They WILL support him because these 'Good Conservatives' will do ANYTHING to get a blue rosette into Number 10. They are so desperate to have a Tory Government that they dont actually care in the slightest what it does once its in power. Cameron has his core vote sewn up and he knows it too - thats why he can afford to court the moonbat vote instead.

David Vance


Not so sure - the by-election results showed a very significant section of the base not voting. But if you are right, I guess it shows that the greatest danger to Conservatism is Conservatives!

Ernest Young

If Dr Reid were to 'cross the floor', he would be a shoe-in for Leader.

He would certainly make a better 'middle-of-the-road' Conservative than 'Pathetic Dave'...

Richard Carey


Interesting idea, albeit highly unlikely.

DSD/David, the key is how many ("natural tories") troop sorrowfully into the polling stations and vote for the apostate Tories, and how many let them drop. Of the former, I'd say they're a dwindling band. I think the link has been severed, so "natural tory voters" of today don't see themselves as having a loyalty to the Cons, and when push comes to shove they don't feel obliged to support them.

I don't think the Tories can do it. So all they're doing is "bed-blocking" on the the Right of the spectrum. Let them collapse and we might see something better take their place.

Richard Carey

The sad thing is the Tories seem to have completely forgotten the difference between tax rates and tax revenues - namely if you cut rates, revenues increase after a delay. They've given up the debate and now couch their views in the economically illiterate language of the Socialists.

David Vance

Amen to that Richard. I sincerely hope that the conservative faithful do not follow the Pied Piper of Notting Hill over the cliffs at Bournemouth.

Ernest Young

Does the Cameron takeover of the Conservative Party bear any resemblance to the takeover of the Rover Car company?

Where a bunch of 'chancers' with delusons of competence, see an opportunity to grab what is left of a weakened and sickly outfit, and at worst, make a bit of cash before the company slides ingraciously beneath the waves, never to be seen again. (Yes, I know Rover has been bought by a Chinese company, that's hardly likely to happen in the Tories case, the Chinese are too shrewd, they only buy into breakups with a residual value).

I think they may well 'crash and burn', and then we will have room for a more representative 'party of the people', preferably not lead by a bike riding, pram pushing marshmallow...


so who do the right wingers or traditional conservatives vote for? anyone any views on the New Party?


"Yes, I know Rover has been bought by a Chinese company, that's hardly likely to happen in the Tories case, the Chinese are too shrewd, they only buy into breakups with a residual value."

Dammit Ernest, that was 24 hours too late for my Quote of the Month award!


Bromley was a by-election David, it really doesnt mean much anyway - Tory voters more than any other are happy to make protest votes (or non-votes as it were) at by-elections which they would never make in a 'real' Election.

I think the significant result there was that UKIP failed to grab that 'stay-at-home' vote - they conducted a campaign based on the Tory candidate's Europhilia and still only polled 8%. Still as Farage has now put himself behind the 'broad agenda' wing of UKIP perhaps he has finally learnt his lesson - namely that as far as Joe public is concerned, rightly or wrongly, Europe doesnt matter.


The problem with this tax cutting debate is that is is very possible that there will be just no way it will be possible for a couple of years as Gordon Brown will leave such a horrible and complex mess when the truth of waht he has been up to is finally known.

I think it would be useful for the Conservatives to outline how to simplify taxes and maybe even strip out all the inefficent and expensive to collect stealth taxes and covert them into income tax. Maybe even end the nonsense of pretending National Insurance isn't income tax and merge everything into one big transparent cost that will trigger public demands for reducing government spending.

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