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October 17, 2006



How about a balaclava!?!

David Vance


That's SOOOOO 1970's!


Who else will be involved? Are there (m)any full veil wearers in NI.

David Vance


I think the section I'm on will have someone in favour of Burqawear! This is a new series so I'm not sure who else is going to be on. They were on to me last week to do the pilot but I was in London and couldn't oblige so they came back this week - it's a late night for me since it will be recorded live - wonder can I work in a plug for ATW?


An orange (of course) t-shirt with ATW emblazed across the front might suffice.


Possibly. But seriously, turn up in a balaclava, do the entire thing in a balaclava, and see what happens. Now that'd be entertaining. Esp if you put on some camouflage.


At last - and idea of MrSmith that I agree with!!

And also do try to get a plug in for ATW!


I'm probably late aren't I? It's probably over now.

I hope you got a plug in for ATW. Just work it in somehow, something like "Some of the commentors at my site, http://atangledweb.typepad.com, are really at each others throats over this issue!"

Something like that.


Any chance you posted it at Youtube? I'll go look.

David Vance

It's this Friday night folks!

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