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October 31, 2006


Chris Gaskin

suspected of involvement

Suspect does not equal conviction

I suppose you only care about the "Golden Thread" when it suits you.

Hain should deal with OTR's it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Andrew McCann

'OTR's it is an issue that needs to be resolved.'

I agree. Bring them back to Northern Ireland. Arrest them at the point of entry, try them in a court of law and then, send them to prison for a very long time.

What I 'care' about are terrorists living a life of Riley, supported by people like yourself, whilst others endure the daily pain of what those people did.

Chris Gaskin

How exactly am I am supporting anyone to "live a life of Riley"?

I see you have avoided the issue of the Golden Thread, what am I not surprised?

Only a democrat when it suits you, how very Unionist of you.

Madradin Ruad

Come on Chris - I read SF's actions as pointing towards an admission that most, if not all, of the OTRs are guilty of the outstanding crimes ...

if they aren't guilty, they should come back and stand trial .... God knows you guys have the lawyers and the millions to buy the best defence teams possible ....

and we aren't all stupid.

IF they get away with an amnesty for the OTRs then Gerry and Martin are waiting to present the NEXT "Anomaly" -that the amnestied OTRs have clean sheets but boo-hoo people like Sean Kelly have criminal records ...and you bet your ass there will be a demand that the convicted terrorists' records are wiped ....

Chris Gaskin

What you read is neither here nor there

They have not been convicted, simple as that!

Madradin Ruad

They have not been convicted, simple as that!

Because they have run away from the courts - their choice Chris. They can stay away or they can face the courts.

And I notice you avoid discussing the progression .......

Chris Gaskin

No chance of a fair trial MR.

I see that you have not denied my basic premise that these people are innocent untill proven guilty.

You have decided however to engage in whataboutery.

Tom Tyler

Chris Gaskin, You know something? I can't make you out at all. On the one hand you're all so reverential to the Pope, referring to him as The Holy Father in your posts both at Balrog, and on here when I recently defended the RC stance on contraception, you were all "Yeah, couldn't agree more". Yet at the same time you're a virtual apologist for the bloody IRA. (And I mean the word "bloody" not as a swear-word but literally). Come on now, I am a Catholic like you, but the IRA makes me feel ashamed to associate them with Catholicism in any shape or form. Be consistent, Chris, and take a stand against terrorists. You can still insist upon a united Ireland and argue for that, but it is hypocritical to come over all "Holy Father" and yet give IRA terrorists the benefit of the doubt, in my opinion. Just saying, y'know.

No chance of a fair trial MR.
Bollix to that Chris :)
And as you guys HAVE to accept that they WILL get a fair trial if you want to come out of quarantine you are between a rock and a hard place

You have decided however to engage in whataboutery.

no whataboutery - pointing out your side's plan :)

Madradin Ruad

Tom - Republicans have the same a la carte approach to their religion - some bits they like to forget - "Thou shalt not kill" ? - as they do to the various agreements they make.
They observe the bits that suit and set aside the bits that don't.


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