October 23, 2006



elected Iraqi people

thats debatable. favoured candidates of the west received millions in campaign funds and no doubt assistance in other key areas. the perception of fair elections is so easy to shape. this is a stooge touring the west trying to put a brave iraqi face on policies that are failing his own people and country.

David Vance

No. It is not "debatable" except in moonbat country. But then that is where they also pretend that 9/11 was a Jooo conspiracy. I notice you drone on that there is no democracy in NI, no democracy in Iraq, presumably you feel Bush "stole" the vote in the States...

Do you miss the good old days of the USSR???

Alan McDonald


It looks like Al Jazeera agrees with you, or is it the other way around?

Mike's America

Funny how the left would deny the legitimacy of the Iraqi government and the democratic aspirations of the Iraqi people and yet they embrace Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, which even Human Rights Watch cites as a prime violator of basic civil rights in his country.

And as for the lamestream media choosing sides, you might recall what Ted Turner, the founder of CNN said earlier this month: "'...you’re either with us or you’re against us.' And I had a problem with that because I really hadn’t made my mind up yet."

It's pretty clear from the reporting that shows 90% bad news from Iraq and ignores the heroism of both our troops and the Iraqi people that the media, like Ted Turner, has made up it's mind and is on the side of the enemy.

Bascially, the media, like the left, is willing to side with anyone, or anything if they oppose President Bush and American and British leadership.

So, Mike, I can count you in the Al Jazeera column with David, eh?

David Vance


Maybe Al Jazeera feel sorry for the gutless trolls we call the MSM...AND the truth has been know to come out of the mouth of even profound liars..like AJ.

Alan McDonald

the truth has been know to come out of the mouth of even profound liars

Nuff said.

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