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October 25, 2006


Hugh Green

I guess the opposite case could be made: that the reporter is talking up the military prowess of the Taleban in order to make excuses for NATO's uselessness.

David Vance


Quisling is a word I have often used here in Northern Ireland and it seems an admirable terms for the BBC's Mr Lying, I mean Lyon.

Mike Cunningham

That particular piece of 'journalism is not, by any means, alone! Check the page from C.N.N. which glorified the terrorist snipers who oppose the Americans! Same mealy-mouthed apologists for terror, same Quisling attitude as Al-Beeb!


There was a fear often expressed that embedded journalists would lose their objectivity. I wonder could anyone find a such a blatant piece of propaganda from anyone covering the war from the other side. I very much doubt it.


Tom: That is a piece that deserves attention. Can you imagine what would have happened to a British journalist who embedded himself with Field Marshall Erwin Rommel during WW2, or flew with the Nazis Planes over London? It boggles the mind.

Is he trying to gain a position as Minister for Information and Propoganda for the Taliban? The entire piece is revolting. Does the BBC have any editors? Is there any objectivity? Even an anti-war piece should be balanced. I really think this is shocking.


Mike: I was so p.o. by the BBC sample that I read your CNN article after my first comment. I don't think the CNN piece falls into the same level as (1) their own reporter wasn't traveling with the insurgents and (2) it lacked the same conclusory subjective pontifications. I do think it had the element of a snuff film but it wasn't nearly as shocking as the BBC piece.


Oh what an admirable piece of reporting...It is so comforting to know we have being 'saved' by these people.

"holy, pure and spiritual, folks! Isn't that admirable?)"...yes can feel them chanting the koran to themselves as they saw through some poor buggers neck.Did you read about the mother who attended her dead son's wedding (he was a suicide bomber). She was told this is his wedding today to the virgins he was promised! Grant me strength!

 jaun ' points of veiw' pablo

aunty beeb has already admitted a partisan stance on a variety of issues, romantic portrayals of those engaging British soldiers is shocking none the less, still we must accept that this organisation has conceded it is following a private agenda, we live in a free country and they are free to pursue which ever agenda they wish, the cause for concern in my eyes is mandatory public funding, why should citizens have to pay (under law) for the promotion of any private agenda of un-elected bodies of any nature, state TV in a democratic state was designed to remain aloof from private interest and to be accountable to the public, as this is categorically no longer the case (as admitted by the bbc), surely the time has come to agitate for the immediate stoppage of any and all public funding and the remuneration of any non expended monies ?

when jaun thinks that the widows and families of our brave departed soldiers are paying the salary of the little piggie who wrote this piece, he is furious.

if the bbc wish to pursue the private agenda of the executive and staff, let them look for sponsorship in the private sector. it is an insult that British tax payers should be required under law to finance a private agenda of any nature, least of all an anti British one.

Andrew McCann


Thanks for the compliment. It is appreciated.


juan: "the cause for concern in my eyes is mandatory public funding, why should citizens have to pay (under law) for the promotion of any private agenda of un-elected bodies of any nature, state TV in a democratic state..."

I think this is a very good point. Especially since it must be very hard to effect any change in Britain with the BBC controlling so much of the dialogue through their programming.

I would be interested in knowing what percentage of people would pay for the BBC if they had a choice in the matter. Has any polling ever been done?

A free online poll might be interesting.

Tom Tyler

Andrew, no problem. "On This Day" is a very good feature of ATW. Always something to learn, there.

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