September 25, 2006



I think Blair will feel that his legacy will be quite safe when David Cameron becomes PM after the next election. Cameron is Blair's natural successor in so many ways.

Gordon Brown will be PM until the next election, which will be delayed to the last possible minute (May 2010) in the face of a consistent Tory lead in the opinion polls, just as Major hung on to the last in 1997. He will resign after the election defeat.

David Vance


I think you are most likely right. Blair was appalling, Cameron IS appalling - plus ca change.

Richard Carey


we need to bear in mind the landslide the Tories would need to win. Much as Cameron appeals to the London media, the Tories are not making much headway outside the South East. At this remove, and a lot can happen in the interim, I'd say Labour will be back in next time whoever's leading them.



You are absolutely right about the govt and IT projects. I started my IT career in the civil service before being privatised to a large IT outsourcing company.

When I was a civil servant, I invested a lot of my own time and money to get my IT qualifications. However, most of the civil service IT "managers" know little or nothing about IT and just have their positions because they have been in the civil service a long time.

While I was with the outsourcing comapny, they were awarded 3 MAJOR govt contracts. They were jumping for joy as they knew that, even if they did a cheap and crap job (which they did), they would still get a potload of taxpayers money from the govt.

This has been repeated with many govt projects and various outsourcing companies.

Unless the govt employs proper IT professionals to assess the performance of these companies and ensures that strict financial penalties are applied for failure to deliver - many millions of taxpayers pounds will continue to be literally thrown away.

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