September 03, 2006



Apparently it has 6 students and performed applaulingly in its OFSTED. Quite an extravagent establishment for 6 boys.

Are you against faith schools across the board? Why should other faiths suffer David b/c Islam cant get its house in order? There is a great deal to value in faith based education in terms of standards - and other families should be allowed to send their kids to such schools. The ONLY faith that should be singled out for focus are islamic schools if the only thing they can do is preach jihad.

If, as this school did, they perform badly then they should be held to account. In fact that is what the Tories as opposed to Labour who have failed so badly in this example, have proposed:

The Tories' policy is to allow state support for faith schools so long as they accept Ofsted inspection, deliver the national curriculum and admit, importantly - a minimum of 10% of pupils from other faith or no faith backgrounds.

David Vance


Clearly Islamic "faith" schools are the part of the core of the Jihad problem.

Hwoever, I do have a problem with general "faith" schools insofar as I don't agree with taxpayers funding any of them. I say that as someone who has huge admiration for a local Faith school not far from I live. But I hate Government getting involved in any way in Education.


But I hate Government getting involved in any way in Education.

who would you prefer controlled eductation?

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David I copied this post onto my blog....

Thanks this story is next to impossible to find in the American press

David Vance


My pleasure!

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