September 30, 2006


Daniel Bright

I liked your post a while back about silt-lines around lake Chad, global warming, then cooling, has happened since the earth was created.

So the left telling us its never happened before, and its because of the west polluting so much, is just more of their bulls**t quite frankly.

Frank O'Dwyer

global warming, then cooling, has happened since the earth was created.

So have volcano eruptions, tsunamis and mass extinctions.

But since they've always happened no point in worrying, eh.

So the left telling us its never happened before,

Name one person on "the left" who tells us global warming/cooling never happened before. No need to respond if you just made that part up.

and its because of the west polluting so much

Non sequitur. Simply because something happens naturally doesn't mean it can't be artificially induced. Forest fires are an obvious example.

Zendo Deb

I still am waiting for Gore to explain how all of us Americans driving our SUVs are causing the polar ice caps on Mars to melt. I am sure we must be to blame (at least in his mind).

And yes, I do drive and SUV - even if it is a relatively small one.


Congrats to Daniel Bright! Perhaps the most scientifically ignorant post ever seen on ATW. Lets roll:

1. "since the earth was created" LOL!

2. "So the left telling us its never happened before" Actually it's scientists who accept that the earth is 4.6 thousand million years old who are telling us this, not creationists like you who believe that the earth is only six thousand years old. Why do you equate science with "the left"?

3. The fact that Lake Chad dried up in the past does not mean that man-made global warming may not be contributing to its drying this time.


Zendo Deb:

1. We are emitting enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, much of which comes from vehicles and planes.

2. Carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases. They trap heat in the earth's atmosphere.

3. So we are contibuting to warming on earth.

4. The atmosphere on Mars bears no resemblance to the atmosphere on earth. And we don't know enough about Mars to really understand why it may be warming. But we do understand a lot about the earth.

5. But hey, go on believing what suits you. Gore's film title An Inconvenient Truth was brilliant.

David Vance

...as a comedy, Peter.


DV, I meant the title of the film.

It's so inconvenient for man-made global warming to be a fact that nothing effective will be done about it until it's too late. We're not about to change our lifestyles for the sake of future generations, it's just not in our culture.

David Vance

It's so CONVENIENT for 2008 wannabe Presidential candidates to jump on an eco-bandwagon....


I think someone should take the global warming hysteria, metaphorically give 'it' a cig and summarily execute it. Here's an interesting piece I found at NewsBusters (if you haven't seen it). Its by the former head of The Weather Channel. Its well worth the time, especially the conclusion:



Perusing the above pieces I am amazed by how willing and ready people are to believe anything about man's supposed moral decay. There must be some Freudian self-hypnosis that I'm not privy to on the global warming subject. The first day I began getting curious on the matter I researched how much air there is 'up there.'

I submit for the record, exhibits A-F:
A. Basics of the atmosphere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth
The average mass of the atmosphere is about 5,000 trillion metric tons (2205 lbs. ea.).
Co2 is 0.04% of this total, or 2 trillion metric tons.

B . Man's output of CO2 is about 6.8 billion metric tons each year.
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Global_Carbon_Emission_by_Type.png .

C. Volcanic activity releases about 145 million to 255 million short tons (2000 lbs) of CO2 each year.

D. From research from various websites, the estimated amount of time left for fossil fuels varies from 40 years to 110 years.
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum_reserves

E. This is misleading because prices correspond with scarcity, that is, prices will continue to climb as oil becomes precious. We can assume 100 years of similar fossil fuel consumption to mean 680 billion metric tons of CO2 emission. This would mean a manmade spike in CO2 of 33% during that time. And then the oil is gone. This type of spike would be a sharp one, but would still be consistent with the trend.

F. If we look for additional explanations for global warming, we will find find other correlations such as sunspot activity (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunspots , particularly the frequency chart, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Sunspot_Numbers.png ).

BTW man's behavioral contribution to CO2 in the air is about .012%.

And the piece de la resistance:

Global warming has spiked (marginally) since humans started burning dinosaur feces 300 years ago. This is indisputed. But I wish liberals, for all of their passion, would do us a favor and take one science class.

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