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September 21, 2006




I am now of the belief that Muslims should only live in Muslim countries.

Muslims tend to agree. But their solution is to turn our countries into Muslim countries.

It is manifestly foolish for non-Islamic states to allow the population of Muslims to reach the level where there demands change the nature of the society.

Right now the fastest growing religion in Europe by immigration, by birth-rate and by conversion is Islam.

Immigration should be stopped immediately. Expulsion should be routine for illegal activity. Muslim schools should not be recognised. Muslim dress forced on women should be considered incompatible with a free society and it is reasonable to assume that it is forced in most cases.

Those alleged devout women who still want to wear it should be devout enough to go where it is acceptable.

It is of course fine in a free society to heckle a minister but a free society is a two-way street.

Free speech for Islamic hecklers but none for the Pope, none for Salman Rushdie and none for cartoonists is an unacceptable proposition. We have to reject it.


There are a lot of Muslims in Waltham Forest but it isn't a "Muslim area", or it certainly wasn't at the last census.


you lot might be interested to note the total u-turn being taken on gaskinbalrog.com ( a sinn fein/ira supporters blog with strong support for the anti-semtie line of the international left) regarding muslim activism now that they have turned on a certain german fellow.....


"with strong support for the anti-semtie line of the international left"


A somewhat sweeping generalisation there. Why don't you go one further and join Felix in calling it the "Fascist Neo-left"?!

Personally, I think it should be called the international communo-fascist, neo-anti-semite, islamorepublican dhimmi-left.


There's no doubt that the muslims must be returned to their own lands, before they turn ours into the sh*t-holes from which they came.
It is noteworthy that whenever one of the wannabee-dhimmis who post on this site mention how islam has contributed to humanity, they have to cite some obscure item over 600 years ago, and a disputed one at that.
No doubts exist as to who drove the scientific and engineering achievements since the renaissance - a visit to the Patent office will settle that.


Here is an overview of the treatment of Christians and other non-Muslims in Muslim countries.


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