September 29, 2006



What's with this bathroom setup too?

They need to have a boys room and a girls room. Separate. Sheesh.


When the boys start cleaning up all their spray then I'm with you David.

Until then sit down for your piss and stand up for your rights.

How many times have you cleaned your bathroom in the last year?


Scandinavian feminists are insane. There was an article a few years ago in the Spectator about Swedish wimmin who had decided that men standing up to urinate was "suggestive of violence". http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3724/is_200004/ai_n8889753


Leaving to one side the rights and wrongs, sanity and insanity surrounsing this, How is this enforceable. Slightly OT but I am often left wondering when I answer the call of naturw at work and often find the seat up. We haven't gone Ally Mc Beal asfar as I know so what's going on?

David Vance

Will there be the Norwegian lavatory enforcement policesquad?


>>sanity and insanity<<

It isn't just a question of sanity and insanity, Aileen, but of sanitary and insanitary!

Get a guy to pee standing when his legs are bare and he'll soon realise what a nice warm spray his laziness generates.

>> How is this enforceable<<

Simple. Get the guys to clean their own toilets, as Garfield said. That'll soon get them sitting, unless of course they like dried urine, but that lot are probably beyond help.

Daniel Bright

I quite a agree with Cunningham, all the Norweigans need to do is play the "health and safety" card, a rare occassion where it would actually be applicable, and it'd be fine.



I will bow to your expertise on this ;o).

I still don't see how it is enforcable. Even with your scenario, is there going to be some poor prefect having to be on loo duty to inspect each seat after occupation?

Ray Newton

Reading this took my mind back many years to when I was at elementary school, in the North of England. The school toilets were a seperate buiding at the far end of the school yard.

It was a combined building - for girls and boys and was divided by an interior wall about 8ft in height with an open passage on either side to allow access to the cubicles.

One of our favourite pastimes for us 'wee boys' (pun intentended)during 'playtime' was to position ourselves on our side of the wall, wait until we heard sounds of movement and girlie chatter coming down the passage, then at the right moment aim our jet over the wall.

The taller ones (or 'longer' ones) could make it with little effort - though that wall did appear like 20ft at our tender age.

The smaller ones required a quick flick to help things along which sometimes came back where it shouldn't and occasioned an equally quick cuffng from which ever boy was unfortunately on the receiving end.(guess this would be classed as collateral damage, or - own goal)

However, we knew that someone had hit the real target when a voice, or hopefully a chorus of voices came back from the other side in their broad north country accents -
"you mucky, filthy, bugggers, we'll tell the teacher."

This was the indication of a job well done, the target had been hit, time to beat a hasty retreat.

Well, at least, it kept toilet seats clean.


How the worm *ahem* turns!

Compare the state of the female toilets in pubs and nightclubs. From what I'm told (backed up by my female friends) the female toilets are left in a far worse state than male toilets.

So, will our Swedish cousins now refrain from using toilets as boudoirs?

Alan McDonald

s there going to be some poor prefect having to be on loo duty to inspect each seat after occupation?

Sorry, Aileen, but I'm sure you meant "liberation" and not occupation.

Which reminds me that when we were younger, my wife and I used to "liberate" men's rooms at events when there was a long line to the ladies and no line at all to the gents.


my wife and I used to "liberate" men's rooms

i bet ya did, you filthy beggar ;)

maybe you could become ATWs dogging correspondent.

only kidding.

The Phantom

The Norwegians are some of my favorite people. But this regulation is the work of a lunatic.


Ray I fell that I know more about you than I should. ;o)

This thread has a distinct danger of too much information.

Ray Newton

***Ray I fell that I know more about you than I should. ;o)

This thread has a distinct danger of too much information.***

Don't tell me you were one on other side of the wall?


Peter N

If all men sat down, a lot of public restrooms would not be smelly and uninviting. Why the big fuss about sitting? Ok, I wouldn't make it a law, but it really provokes some reactions in people suggesting sitting is better.


Standing envy? I suppose the fact that the ground is covered in snow more often during the year than elsewhere in Europe has given rise to this Number One malady. The girls develop this condition watching the boys write their names in the snow. In warmer climates, this is not a problem.


While there may be an argument for standing beside the toilet, a man who stands up on it is really high on pot.

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