September 30, 2006


Sean Fear

The underlying figures are a good deal worse for Cameron than the headline voting intention figures.

Peter T

In the Health Service beds are being lost, staff are being cut and operating theatres are being closed (these will not affect services we are told). Meanwhile mothers who have just given birth have to telephone their mothers to ask them to come and clean them after their ordeal. Trusts are running up debt and yet billions of pounds have been committed to a nationwide computer system which does not appear to work.

In the defense sphere, new aircraft carriers are due to be ordered yet we do not now have any planes capable of using them. A replacement for the Trident submarines is being considered and we are suabbling about just how many Eurofighters we can afford to purchase. Our soldiers are in action around the world but we have a shortage of bullets and, as Richard North so ably argues over on his EU Referendum Blog, soldiers are losing their lives because of inadequate equipment namely inadequately armoured 'snatch landrovers'. A shorage of body armour and poor communication equipment have also played their part never mind that we have too few helicopters.

Meanwhile back home pensioners are being imprisoned because they cannot or will not pay their ever increasing council tax - a tax which is not included in the cost of living calculations and therefore is not compensated for in annual pension increases. Indeed, our Chancellor has ensured that we will all suffer following his raid on pension funds and the subsequent effect upon investment and the stock market plus many other stealth taxes.

Law and Order has become a joke from the latest suggestion for 'on the spot fines' for a variety of offenses including assault to the concentration on what people think rather than what they do. Hence a committed christian can be arrested for handing out leaflets containing passaeges from the bible at a Gay 'Mardi Gras' in Cardiff.

It is in this climate that we are infomed that the people do not know what David Cameron stands for. He is leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. He should be ashamed of himself.


and then there is 'call me Dave's' latest boak-inducing stunt...the Web-Cameron.

Truly dreadful rubbish.


Why would any Conservative vote for such an ideology???????

moot point, because you cant.

David Vance


Pedantic point, I said "any" - not me. Get with the agenda.


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