September 21, 2006


The Conservative Bookman

Abu Izzadeen, earlier known as Omar Brooks, and originally known as Trevor Brooks (somehow, I can't see the Jihad being spearheaded by anyone called Trevor, so his name-change was probably a good idea) is a well-known maniac, currently to be seen on You Tube laughing about the beheading of a Korean worker in Baghdad ("Or was he Japanese?" he asks. Well, they do all look the same Trevor/Omar/Abu.) He goes into fits of giggles about the fact that the terrified man begged for his life before being murdered. "You love life," he says, "and we love death." One day, someone will render that love requited, and I for one will crack open a bottle of bubbly.
But I digress: a man who revs his car in what is perceived to be a racist way (God help us) at a Muslim couple he didn't even know were there is arrested and spends two days in clink. Trevor/Omar/Abu threatens the Home Secretary and walks away scot-free.
What IS going on, exactly?


"...modern Islam operates a "good cop bad cop" routine..."

"...modest brethren who do not go quite so far, but who nonetheless take advantage of the more incendiary rhetoric... and then bank the gains ..."

"Better to yield to them, the moderates, than to the extremists..."

"...UK Government full of natural born appeasers..."

I wonder who they learned their strategy from?

David Vance



There are examples closer to home. Here's andrew on the UDA death treats to an Irish Civil Servant.

However much I deplore the circumstances of her departure, I celebrate the fact that she has gone back to her own country.

The UDA will know a nod and a wink when they see one. Assuming they can read.

Little Bulldogs

This protest was organised by Al Ghurabaa, a group that is supposedly banned in the UK.

It's about time the police dealth with these people. This is now the third such protest organised by this group.

Andrew McCann

UDA takes it's lead from moi? Hilariously fatuous!!

David Vance

Little Bulldogs is right - why has no action been taken against these Jihad supportive groups??? It's the lethargy of Government at fault...


I have the perfect way to disperse any group of muslim agitators. Get one of those water cannons but fill it with pigs blood. Warn them first however e.g. "Return to your ghettos or we'll be forced to take haram-ful action!", if they comply they avoid muslim hell. Simple choice really. It would also work on Jews, vegetarians and vegans. Oh wait, there's no need since those 3 groups seem to integrate quite well into society.


"It's about time the police dealth with these people. This is now the third such protest organised by this group."

I agree, Little Bulldogs, but we have to ensure their wee human rights are not infringed now don't we. Funny how everyone with a criminal tendancy always quotes from the HRA, but they never extend those same human rights to anyone else.

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