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September 29, 2006


That's more like it DV, just goes to prove we are not all politically opposite an flipside. Foot-a-tapping, together, gives me hope - even if the November deadline can't be met. Still Slugger O'Toole will be happy for the mention


Comment No1, Posted by Parnell

David Vance

Anything to boost Mick's ratings...!


I've got my tickets for the Brixton Academy gig in December. Each time we go we say "This'll be the last time because MacGowan will be dead this time next year."

Somehow though, he manages to hang on.


Eh? What mention?

David Vance

In the song Mick - listen to the song..!


Got it shortly afterwards David...



Northern Sole

Saw MacGowan & the boys at Brixton Academy last Christmas. I have to agree with Steve -you have to admire his staying power in spite of all the odds. The voice is largely ruined by years of smoking and drinking, he's piled on the pounds, but he still knows how to put on a great show.

David Vance

The voice is gone - but the genius will remain.


That was great - found SLugger O'toole through Pajamas Media - I live basically on another planet, in Los Angeles - I have no idea what these guys are singing about (is it political?) but what a great show! Makes me wish I were one of them (I think my ancestory is Irish, so maybe that explains something)

David Vance

Hi Patty,

It's a great tune - that's all that matters!


Its a fabulous song and great show.
Pure raw energy and rotten teeth.....

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