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August 29, 2006



Hilarious to watch Kofi's hasty departure in South Beirut yesterday when he didnt get the welcome he expected from the terrorist supporting throng.

Felix Quigley

Everything you say is correct except for one thing.

There is no guarantee that Israel will yet succeed.

And that really is the starting point. It is possible that Israel will be destroyed by whatever means. That means that the Jewish Homeland after 2000 years of persecution will be ended.


There are those here, regulars, like Colm, who have argued with me that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE

Colm though does not hate Israel but there are regulars here on ATW who DO HATE ISRAEL.



Thanks for recognising that I don't hate Israel. I don't actually think it is impossible for Israel to be destroyed, none of us can absolutely predict the future. It's just that with Israel posessing some 200 nuclear warheads (not admitted but commonly assumed to be the case) only a nation willing to embrace self-destruction would attempt to do so.

I agree it is possible that Amajinehad of Iran could be mad enough to try but would everyone in the Iranian military obey such a mad instruction ?



Thanks for recognising that I don't hate Israel. <<

Colm, grovelling before Ernest is bad enough, but before Felix...???



A statement like that from Felix is as rare as hen's teeth. It is worth grovelling for :)

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