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August 31, 2006



That reminds me of an old "Far Side" cartoon that showed two pilots in a cockpit and one of them exclaims "Oh no! The fuel light's come on! We're all going to die! Oh wait. My mistake. That was just the intercom light."


It's a wonder there were't a spate of cardiac arrests.

I was flying home once and the pilot gave his usual bit and then said "I'm particularly pleased to be here as it is the first time I've flown".

People started to look 'round to judge the reastions of everyone else when he finished off"....to Belfast this morning.


During a terrible storm on a flight I took they announced "Ladies and Gentlemen, the crew need your Help." My life flashed before me and then they announced they needed change because they were serving the drinks and didn't have small bills.

The Phantom

I'm a security hawk, and I'm not happy that those cockpit doors -ever- open in flight.

I have, several times --after Sept 11-- seen flight attendants open the door to pass a meal in, etc. with their backs turned to the passenger cabin. Any bad guy in the first rows could have lunged right into the cockpit.

I complained to the airline in writing, and they said "the action you describe is not consistent with our procedures". Yet it still happens.

I know that there are backup procedures that the passengers aren't aware of, but I am not as comfortable as I'd like to be on this.

My understanding is that El Al crew don't leave the cockpit. Period. Even if its a flight from Tel Aviv to New York. Much as I realize the, ahem, practical issues that could present a problem with the El Al approach, I like it.

The Troll

If the crew were able to remove the door by taking off the hinges So could terrorists

David Vance


I agree.


Great point.


Well I guess I am in the minority once again when I say that I am heartened that he had such a hard time opening it.

As for terrorists taking the hinges off the doors - - aint gonna happen. Not in this day and age when it is the passengers who restrain the kooks in the cabin. Remember 'Let's Roll'? We don't sit down and shut up anymore.

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