August 29, 2006



Maybe Maggie will turn up at the Tory Conference and tear strips off this lamentable shallow opportunist.


Perhaps Herr Vance you might like to explain the subtle differences Between the ANC methods
and those of the Stern gang seeing as both ended up in government.

David Vance

Perhaps Submariner could address the issue under discussion - was the ANC a terrorist organisation, or are your ears full of water?

ch in tx

I'm sure it'll be on to Bishop Tutu, where Cameron will only have to be kissing rings!


Do i think that Mandella was a terrorist then the answer is no. Now perhaps you might like to address my point on the difference between the ANC and The Stern gang.?

David Vance


Mandela was a founder and commander of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the military wing of the African National Congress, and MK, as it was known, was a terrorist outfit.

Which bit of that do you not understand?

Now then, having established that you cannot recognise a terrorist, why would I waste my time debating the Stern gang with you.I know that the UK considered them terrorists, but then the UK considers the IRA to be doves of peace.


The UK considered them terrorists possibly because they were murdering british soldiers left right and centre.Now i will put my question to you again Do you consider the members of the Stern gang as terrorists and if not please explain what is the difference between them and the ANC.

Ernest Young

Which just goes to show that - One man's terrorist is another man's hero!

It also shows that

A) - given time, terrorism is a one hundred percent successful tactic.. and

B) - that it is impossible for any civilised society to defend itself against such tactics..and

C) - that when democracy fails by consensus, it can always be restored at gunpoint...

Sorry to intrude on your little spat...

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