August 28, 2006



>>he was actually cautioned for inciting an Old Firm crowd rather than for blessing himself!>>

For the Ibrox mob, blessing oneself is in itself incitement.

David Vance


David Gough

Surely blessing oneself is a bit of an egotistical thing to do.
Or is that the act of crossing oneself is requesting, or merely giving oneself, a blessing?
Blessings should be given to others rather than given to oneself.
A bit pedantic perhaps but I have often wondered about the motives of footballers who bless themselves when they go onto the pitch, and then create all kinds of mayhem whilst they are on it.

james orr

This has happened before, a player called Peter Grant was cautioned by the polis in the late 80s for crossing himself in an Old Firm match.

Mo Johnston used to do it loads, but then eventually ended up playing for Rangers.

It's not a patch on Paul Gascoigne playing an invisible flute though. That was quality incitement.


Crossing oneself during the game is the norm among certain players from Latin America in baseball over here in the States. The thought that one's god has a particular interest in who wins the game serves to diminish one's deity in terms of focus (I'd prefer mine took a greater interest in famine, war etc.).

Not to be outdone, I don't think any basketball championship or football championship here is complete without at least one player crediting The Lord for victory. While I am sure The Lord could effect the outcome, I wonder if he really is so inclined. Does he have bets with Moses or Abraham?

It makes me appreciate golf more, where the almighty is invoked more often, albeit in vivid displays of frustration and anger.


Apparently he used an obscene sexual gesture to the crowd:

See: http://mreugenides.blogspot.com/2006/08/football-and-sectarianism.html

Rome, of course, will milk it for all its worth. More mopery on its way


There's a wee bit of comeback in this. A few years ago Gascoigne (air-flute) and Graeme Roberts (conductor) caused shock, horror and outrage amongst Celtic fans so Rangers fans are now equally shocked, horrified and outraged at seeing a Catholic cross himself.


You're right, Allan. The gesture of playing an Orange flute is the Protestant equivalent of the sign of the cross for a Catholic.

That Damnable O'Dwyer!

Allan proves himself an expert in comparative religion once more.


I've been (un)fortunate enough to go to Ibrox to watch Ranger's play, albeit only once. My brother, best mate and I were up in the Gods. A relative late comer sat in the seat beside me just before kick off, the first words out of his mouth were "Fuck the Pope, ye's fenian bastards ye's!". Quite. About 15 minutes in they started singing The Sash. I thought OK, you Scottish boys don't have a clue what you're on about but I'll just smile and say nothing. Eventually it got to the point where we had to join in all the hollering about "fenians", "fuck the pope", and various sectarian reworkings of different songs. If we hadn't we'd likely have got a kicking. Rangers opposition that day were none other than Motherwell! The 2 or 3 hours it took for us to safely get from Ibrox to Partick underground were among the longest of my life. Scary stuff, never again. I'll wager I'd feel no better sitting in Celtic Park either.

If I had my way Celtic and Rangers would both be shut down and their stadiums burnt to the ground. And don't tell me the people screaming the sectarian abuse are the minority at these grounds because they aren't.


At least Rangers FC are trying to stamp out sectarianism at their games. I know it will not be easy (if at all possible) to stamp it completely out as you will always get the ignorant morans, but what are Celtic and Hibernian doing about their moranic crowds who chant pro IRA slogans? Why is UEFA not taking any action over them?



Total crap! Celtic have been running the Bhoys against Bigotry campaign for years now.

The club has criticised and discouraged the singing of any republican songs for years - it is a small minority who do this and is more prevalent at away matches where the club has less control.

David Murray to his credit is really trying to move Rangers on - but they had a longer way to go - decades of not signing any Catholics and pandering to anti-Catholic prejudice.

I am sorry to say (as someone from NI) that the most prejudiced fans eminate from here rather than Scotland. The biggest negative reaction to Rangers signing a Catholic in 1988 came from the NI based Rangers supporters clubs.

Both clubs now operate a joint initiative of going around schools in Glasgow talking to children and discouraging sectarianism.

I read both Celtic and Rangers supporter's bulletin boards and I'm delighted to say that the vast majority of fans on both sides want nothing to do with this stuff. You will always get a few morons on either side.

I applaud Rangers and David Murray in particular. However, to claim that Celtic are not also trying to eradicate sectarianism is untrue and could only be
believed by someone who isn't open minded.


Kenny, how is it total crap as you put it? I was merely asking what is Celtic doing about the setarianism eminting from their own fans. I was unaware Celtic had various programmes and initiatives set up to combat setarianism. Please show me on my post where I said anything to the contrary.

"i thought OK, you Scottish boys don't have a clue what you're on about but I'll just smile and say nothing"

"I am sorry to say (as someone from NI) that the most prejudiced fans eminate from here rather than Scotland"

I read somehwre that something like 25% of people in Scotland were in a mixed marriage which,by the law of averages, means that when a fair amount of Scottish rangers or celtic supporters start calling the "Fenian" or "Hun" barstewards,then they are also having a go at the wife or husband indirectly...and after the game they'll be going home to tea with a rep of that self-same enemy!

Whereas Celtic/Rangers hatred in NI is primarily based on religion,I have a feeling that in the Scottish context it's more because they are bitter local rivals and the religious epithet is just another insult to throw in against that team you hate most in the world.

Try going to a Liverpool v Man Utd or Arsenal v Spurs games to see how political correctness goes flying out the door when
bitter local rivals get down to business.


Above was mine, spelling mistakes and all!

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