August 31, 2006



Oh for Gods sakes David here we go again. like the post about the Anti Israel letter in the Irish Indo.

I'll bet that the UK are pledging at least as much IF NOT MORE...

Why pick on the Republic?

No matter what you say / do, more Irish people than Brits (percentage wise) support Israel, Irish media etc is more sympathetic than say the beeb or the guardian towards Israel and there are close and Historical links.

The first President of Israel was born and brought up and indeed came from the Irish state.

What is the point of your post?

The Phantom

I am 100% on Israel's side on this affair, etc....but I cannot criticize the Irish govt much here.

The need is far greater in Lebanon and in Gaza, and their resources are far less than those Israel has. I know that to a very large extent these governments brought the war upon themselves, but there is the need nonetheless.

But yeah, it would have been good to have some small portion of this 2 million euro go to Israeli victims. As a symbol. Israel the country does not need the aid, but some Israeli victims could use a hand. Would have been a good symbolic gesture too.



Check the website of the Irish Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

The Irish State gives Aid to Israel in a regularised and organised way.



I'm sorry but I am going to have to say it. You're an anti-lebanite ;)

David Vance


That's a fair point. Can you let us know how much the Irish Government are giving?
Plus. the UK are as bad. And so are the rest of the disgusting Euroweenies! (I just happened to catch the Irish Govt headline, promise I'm not besotted with having a go at Ireland, honest!!!)


Am I a Lebanophobe? ;-)


I'm with the Phantom on this one. The major need is clearly in Lebanon and frankly it doesn't hurt to see western nations put money into relief there (we don't want Syria and Iran to buy all the goodwill).


Lebanon-challenged is the politically correct term.


Israel already gets about 2.8 billion dollars aid from the US, Lebanon around 36 million (2001 figures).

Even if they hit the €263 million target Israel will still be getting 10 times as much from the US.

Based on need it is obvious that this money should be directed to Lebanon.



You are guilty of being unwittingly influenced by institutionalised Lebanophobia ;)


I only skimmed the article but I gather that Ireland is giving money to lesbians, it's their money and they can spend it how they wish.


Hezbolesbians ?


Lebanese lesbians?

The Troll

what do you expect as far as Ireland is concerned they are just one terror supporting state helping another...


glasshouses troll.

Tom Tyler

€263 million for Hellsb***cks? Why even bother, when probably before Christmas Israel will have to flatten them again? This is merely the 30 second interlude after Round 1. Israel is looking fine in its corner of the ring, panting a little but virtually unscathed. Hellsb****cks is already 45% destroyed and bleeding heavily. Any month now, and ding! ding! Off they go again.

Felix Quigley

Great post David. I appreciate you keeping an eye on anti-Semitism in Ireland.

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