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July 31, 2006


Felix Quigley


Please have a look at:


for an examination of misuse of photos


The researchers who answer the phones at BBC Five Live are biased and they cherry pick the callers they get back to and allow on the show. I've phoned in on 14 occasions to make points that differed from the majority of callers in the interests of balance.

However I was only called back once and having made my point they hung up on me so the guest in the studio could say "No I don't agree" without me being able to say why I thought his argument was flawed.

On one occasion I called in about Ken Livingstone meeting al-Qaradawi. When I explained what I wanted to say the researcher actually argued with me and said that al-Qaradawi was a mainstream muslim and how could I call him dangerous. Needless to say I did not get on.

David Vance


I have heard others claim that they have been given the exact same treatment by Five Live researchers, or Allah's little helpers as I see them.

Tom Tyler

So we know what we have to do in order to air our views on the Beeb, then - pretend that you are a pro-jihadist, Israel-hating raving moonbat right up to the moment you are live on air. THEN and only then, say what you really want to say, and just try and get as much in as possible before they pull the plug on you.
It's the only way.


why dont you use a bit of snidey "taqiyya" style tactics,... and tell the phone researchers that you have lefty POV to air?..

sorry Tom! .. you beat me to it LoL


* that was me!

Peter Turner

If I want to hear a different point of view I turn over to Fox News. It would be great if we had a channel with a similar approach here in the UK. Maybe some day this will come about - but don't hold your breath whilst you wait


Fox news is awful. Nothing to do with the political stance it takes, just the loud garish kaleidoscopic multi-coloured excitabilty of the whole channel. You wouldn't want to watch it with a hangover !

Peter Turner

Colm, yes Fox News is loud and garish and not recommendesd for those with a hangover. It has far too many commercial breaks and could be much improved. However - it does present a right wing point of view which is a refreshing change from the constant left wing bias of the British Media.


I think SKY news is much better. I don't think it is as left leaning as the BBC and I think it does a very professional job. I have been impressed by it's covereage of the current conflict, plus it's easier on the senses than FOX.

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