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July 23, 2006


The Troll

he didn't really say "I wonder WHY that is?" did he? ... and then the MSM wonders why a)no one belives them, and b)everyone ridicules them.... LOL


Troll, ... have you got a problem with reading inverted commas ?

David Vance


My fault - I didn't lay it out right. The point remains though - everyone SHOULD ridicule the MSM.

Peter Turner

I often wonder why the IDF is so inept that it only kills civilians - maybe I have been misled?

David Vance


Yes, that's amazing isn't it, and in particular when one considers that Gaza and South Lebanon are CRAWLING with terrorists. They're really bad shots. (I mean it has to be that - otherwise it would mean the msm is lying through its rotten teeth...and that surely couldn't be the case, could it?)


Gaza and South Lebanon are CRAWLING with terrorists.

EVERYONE is a potential terrorist david. including you.



You WERE a potential fuckwit, but congratulations on finally reaching your full potential with that comment.



that does need explaining, if you can.



DSD is ignorant. Not worth responding to or having his comments explaining. He can only swear or insult, not a sign of intelligent or worthy debate. (see the Race Wars thread).


Sorry Colm
That was addressed to daytripper. I didn't phrase myself as DSD did but I did think that daytripper's comment was strange to say the least.

As to the other I'll retreat to that thread.



Its called irony - a play on words, I'm sorry if you have difficulty recognising it. I realise it wasnt that good - but hey, here's one. There's a guy on the 'Race wars' thread you mentioned who thinks that white people should be universally referred to as Christians and now accuses me of being incapable of intelligent debate. Now THAT'S funny!

Its impossible to engage in intelligent debate with the likes of you because you always resort to this kind of thing. Daytripper's comment is offensive beyond belief to our host here yet obviously I am the one with the problem, LOL! Typical leftist bullshit.

Anyone wants to come and 'debate' me on my Blog, feel free to try out of the safety of the cocoon that is ATW's comments thread, where the same old suspects will take the same old sides over and over. We get some really good debates going sometimes - I realise its not up to the level of 'your a terrorist too nyah nyah' and 'dont listen to him he's really MEAN' but maybe you could descend to our level for once?


I think i will pass on your kind offer. There is no point in debating with people who just rant and who make up opinions about others as you have done about me.



not point at all.

I would have said that it was obvious that you comment about referring to all white people as Christians was to put a mirror up to the comments about calling all Asians Muslims. Maybe him saying that it is your actual opinion is "irony"!



I also wonder that if he finds the ATW comments threads so beneath him that he ventures in.

As for being offensive to our host....

Madradin Ruad

Is it the J-crittur reborn?

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