July 27, 2006




Chris Gaskin

33's and 45's

What? You really are showing your age here David, or perhaps I am ;)

Tom Tyler

I'll have to get one of them gadgets too, I think, as I have mountains of vinyl records.

No matter what they say about CDs, I still think that the lovely rich bass-deep sound quality of a 12" beats a CD hands-down.


I have nothing to play my Simon and Garfunkel on I thought that I was going to have to run a sewing needle round the grove.


Sounds like a great gift from the loved and obviously loving ones.
I have a lot of old vynil so I must start dropping some hints. If I'm lucky then I'll know where to go for advice, if needed, on how to use it.

The Phantom

Pretty neat. I didn't know that such a device existed.

I guess it converts the analog signal from the record being played to a digital ( MP3 ) signal. And can be used as a normal turntable when that's what you want it to do.

Ion is the brandname?

David Vance

It does exactly as you guess! Ion is the UK? brandname!

The Phantom

Eight customer reviews on the US amazon.com, most of them very good. Here's one

Reviewer: Silas Sparkhammer "opinionated ain't I?" (San Diego CA USA) - See all my reviews
Easy to set up. I'm a non-techno yutz, and this was simple for me to install and configure.
Easy to use. I was recording LPs to WAV files in the first hour. Within two hours, I was able to break a side up into individual tracks and cuts and save them separately.
Perfect Fidelity! The quality of the reproduction is fantastic! This is the greatest thing in the world! No need for pre-amp or amp, just LP to PC.
Noise? Yes, of course; this also converts your scratches and pops with digital exactness. But even so, you're well ahead of the game: at least this way you'll never have to worry about putting *new* scratches on your favorite music!
This is one of the best investments I have ever made; I'm overjoyed with this technology!


dont convert any of it. invest in a set of top whack speakers and play that vinyl loud.

i have a technics 1200 on a set of Linn kompact 104s


The Troll

I am sad and disgusted everytime I think of all my 33s and 45s they were all lost a couple of years ago and I had 100s of stuff that is just not available also...


the less copies of the nuremburg rally out there the better troll. ;)


"i have a technics 1200 on a set of Linn kompact 104s


Is daytripper actually Alan Partidge?


saxondale actually :)

The Troll

No he's Keith Partrige with a load on ...LOL


I just bought one too and installed it, installed the software, and cannot get it to work. I now have no sound at all. Can't seem to get any tech support from the company. HELP!

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