July 31, 2006



keep the area clear of non-government militias, of which the Hezbollah “militia” is the only one.

thats misleading. the DFF/SLA did not disarm either. UNFIL claim this was a big factor in preventing their gaining soveriegn control over south lebanon.

David Vance

Took 18 years to work that one out, eh?

Christopher Stalford

The time to bring Netanyahu into the government has surely come.


Interesting observation from Asher Moaz.

"At Wednesday's Rome summit on the situation in Lebanon, Siniora again appealed for a ceasefire and a peace deal with Israel. This is rather simple. On May 17, 1983, a peace treaty known as the Khaldeh agreement was signed between the governments of Israel and Lebanon. But in contravention of its provisions, and due to Syrian opposition, the Lebanese parliament failed to ratify the agreement. Instead, the Taif accord was ratified, expressing Lebanese consent to the use of its territory by fighters against Israel.

All Siniora has to do is to renounce the Taif accord and submit the Khaldeh peace agreement to parliament for ratification. "


On 16 June 2000, the Secretary General reported to the Security Council that in accordance with resolution 425 Israel had withdrawn its forces from Lebanon and the DFF/SLA had been dismantled.

The UNIFIL reports agree with the SG.

David Vance


It would help - he is as good as it gets out there - their version of the Doc!

Christopher Stalford


I'm sure the Doc would appreciate the comparison!


Hezbollah is not your usual gang terrorist thugs, it close to being a standing army, financed by Iran and Syria situated in third country, as its purpose is the destruction of Israel.

I have sympathy of the people of Lebanon, their country is not able to stand up to Syria and Iran and so they have this terrorist army thrust upon them. And in their midst so that innocents would act as unwitting human shields and propaganda victims.

Hezbollah's offensive rocket attacks looked like a softening up before some sort of offensive push, and given the strength of resistance, it would seem that they were very ready for combat. I don't see Israel had any choice but accept Hezbollah's invitation - they just got to the party a little bit earlier than the hosts expected.

A ceasefire, of the sort the Liberals are whinging about, would only give Hezbollah the opportunity to regroup.


On 16 June 2000, the Secretary General reported to the Security Council that in accordance with resolution 425 Israel had withdrawn its forces from Lebanon and the DFF/SLA had been dismantled.

thank you anabel.

Hezbollah's offensive rocket attacks looked like a softening up before some sort of offensive push, and given the strength of resistance

i dont think they were anything but (inexcusable) retaliatory strikes. katyushas need to be used by their thousands simultaneously for "softening up". plus there is no use in softening up civilian targets. yould have a point if the were targeting frontline israeli positions.


The pro-hezbollah army? HAHA!! What a laugh, Horowitz is apparently not aware that the Lebanese army is conscripts from all confessions. Are there Hezbollah sympathizers in the army, sure probably, because some of the small army is Shi'ite. But if he is trying to claim that Christians, Sunnis, Druze, and Armenians in the army are pro-Hezbollah, then he is just showing his ignorance. The Lebanese Army is a non factor. The Syrian state made sure of that in the way it dominated Lebanese society the past 15 years. How is the Lebanese Army going to do anything Israel wants now that some of its bases have been bombed. Hezbollah has a stranglehold on the south.


80% of Lebanese do not support Hezbollah!! There is no way half of the Christian community supports Hezbollah. Far fewer Christians than that support Emile Lahoud, who while he may be confessionallly Maronite, enjoys little support from any Christians who are not in the Syrian pocket (which is just certain families like the Murr Family, and maybe Karim Prakdouni, the leader of the sell out version of the Lebanese Forces). I doubt Samir Geagea, Etienne Saqr, and Antoine Lahad partisans support a force the fought against. Even Michel Aoun has faced tons of dissent within his Fre Patriotic Movement for trying to face down Hezbollah through politics. Whoever wrote this is probably just taking Hezbollah press releases at face value, which is stupid and shameful. They do not deserve that legitimacy.


Do you reckon the past few weeks will have raised or decreased Hizbollah's popularity among Christians?
I presume initially it would have decreased it, but then maybe it would have increased it as the Israeli campaign continued.


I've heard mixed things from people I know in Lebanon. I mean you have groups like the Lebanese Forces which are very anti-Muslim and would never support Hezbollah. Because many people are angry at Israel for the scale of the attack, there might be some incidental support for Hezbollah. I mean it's like Hezbollah is threatening to turn Lebanon into an Islamic republic, they simply exert influence in their areas. But Nasrallah has vowed not to turn his guns on Lebanese of other confessions, and he couldn't take christian strongholds like Jounieh or East Beirut if he wanted to. I think the short term Hezbollah might get some legitimacy due to anti-Israeli anger, but their long term goals will not be supported by non shi'ites.


Thanks again. Sorry for the twenty questions....


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