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July 29, 2006


Incidentally, isn't it ironic that a rebel rat-hole in South Armagh should begin with the syllable 'Kill'

Only if you're clutching at straws for content.

There are lots of towns and villages in Ireland starting with Kill. It comes from the Irish cill, meaning church. So you would have to ask yourself: is there an irony that the Irish word for church sounds like the English word for maraigh? I think not.

Andrew McCann

I'm sure the many relatives of Army personnel and innocent civilians butchered down there might think more in terms of irony than 'clutching at straws'.

Hugh Green

Sorry, that was me above.

I don't see why you need to call the many relatives of Army personnel and innocent civilians to your side to back up what was a pretty watery attempt at irony.

Perhaps you get some sort of cheap thrill out of flinging verbal turds at people living in nationalist parts of Northern Ireland, but it becomes awfully tiresome after a while - to the extent that it obscures any real point that you might wish to make.

Andrew McCann

Flinging actual turds at the republican population of NI would be far more enjoyable.

If you find this site tiresome.....cheerio!

I wonder if those same relatives would appreciate the endless campaign of South Armagh's party of choice to whitewash their loved ones' deaths in an attempt to excuse and justify 3+ decades of IRA terror?

Chris Gaskin

Most of them were killed or driven out down the years so the Shinners could have their little Munchkin Land of murder, crime and Mafioso mansions of opulence.

Don't let the fact that you are talking out of your arse stop you in mid rant!

Ergo, this must be an operation conducted by an element of the 'republican movement'.

I know the person you are referring to, he has no Republican connections and is actually quite hostile towards us.

I have never know a man to write about a place so much and yet know so little!


We hear about these fuel laundering plants being discovered almost every week. But we don't seem to hear about arrests, never mind charges, never mind convictions. Now why would that be?


Would not want to rock the "Peace boat", Peter, that is why we never hear of arrests. It is more convenient to just close the illeagal fuel plants down rather than catch the culprits because we would get the usual nonsense (veilled threats) from Adams and co about possible consequences for the allege peace process if IRA men were arrested.

Andrew McCann


My God the truth hurts. 'Munchkin land' refers to the people as they are moral pygmies.


take the ira/sf at its word. retract all recognition for the ira (according to SF they effictely dont exist), remove any "political status" (they dont need it). then go after these people as organised criminals. throw the book at 'em.

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