July 31, 2006



you are saying then that whatever steps Republicanism makes towards supporting the Police and/or giving up criminality, you won't believe it as you discredit the IMC.


Hi DV, long time no see! Just dropped in to see what was new.

I must say, give old Hain a chance, would you? It's been a while since anything new was tried in ol' Norn Iron, and I'm actually looking forward to 24 November and whatever sadistic torture is in store for Unionist politicians (we really mean the DUP, don't we?)

"No Surrender"? Sounds like you're under the thrall of someone much less inspiring!

David Vance

Hi Mr Levee,

Very nice to hear from you, trust all is well with you and Mrs Levee.

As ever, ATW is a hotbed of moderation, reasonableness and luvvvvvve.


Ha ha! You sound a bit too loved up, David. Dojn't get carried away now!


David is the Lovemaster of ATW and we are all his faithful groupies !


Unionists are not naïve. The Unionists will see off B,liar and wave goodbye to Perm-a-Tan Hain. The republicans are in no position to maneuver as they said all the guns and bombs are locked up the IRA and is now an old bhoys club and they don’t have much favor in the good old USA. So why do Unionists need to hurry. That is why Perm-a-Tan Hain is making all the nice mood music to the Unionists.

The political situation in the UK is changing as B,liar is running out of friends in the cabinet and around the country so less republican influence in number10, and Perm-a-Tan Hain is scurrying around trying to make the Unionists go into power the Sinn Fein/IRA murdering scum.

By the way the realization has hit Labour and the Conservatives that the DUP will be the 4th largest party in Parliament and they need to be sucked up to. Note Gordon Brown making nice noises to the DUP.

So Sinn Fein/IRA wake up and smell the semtex they are not liked in the republic and good old George W Bush has little time for the Hezbollah side kicks and Tony B,liar is a is yesterdays republican poodle.

For God And Ulster

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