July 31, 2006


David Vance

It's simple. Kill the terrorists.


and if the terrorist has embedded himself in the middle of a crowd of children ?

Mike's America

Hugh: Did I miss something or did these reporters actually get the name and official designation of Mr. Green Helmet?

Please advise me Hugh! I'd hate to have to ask to borrow your hat!

Technical Glitch

Watching the hate-filled, spittle-flecked sociopaths on this site and on EUReferendum trying to nit-pick details of photograph timestamps so as to minimise and make excuses for the slaughter of civilians is profoundly revolting too.

This is especially for you, Alison.

Do you see the word "too" in that paragraph? I've boldfaced it so that you can see it more clearly.

What do you think it implies about my opinion of Hezbollah?

If you want to know, I condemn utterly Hezbollah's rocket attacks against Israeli targets. I have no moral problem whatsoever with Israel defending itself against Hezbollah, provided that that defence stays within the limits of the accepted rules of war. Is that clear enough for you?

But looking at the outpourings of all too many regular posters on this and on other threads on this site, I have absolutely no regrets about using the term "hate-filled" or the term "sociopaths" ("spittle-flecked" was simply there to provide a bit of extra colour). The only difference between those people and the collection of hate-filled, spittle-flecked sociopathic losers who hang around sites like Stormfront is the target they choose to hate.


Colm - how on earth would you propose they do this when Hitzboalla dont where uniforms and showered over 300 rockets into Israel yesterday alone all from random locations? Its all very well to stand in the sidelines and speak of noble sovereign states acting responsibly but its isnt that simple. And as a soveriegn state Israels FIRST duty is towards its people. Millions of whom are hiding in bomb shelters


Technical Glitch - your utterly repulsive tactics banding the words 'hate filled' etc about designed purely to undermine any other point of view if it isnt yours mean i rarely pay attention to any 'noble' sentiment you care to contribute.

Ive been arguing the same point with Colm who manages to debate his points without recall to such utter crap.

Incidentally - is it clear enough for YOU that Hitzbollah does not, has not, and is not acting within the rules of war by storing and firing rockets from within civilian areas?

Your moral compass is firmly out of whack if you cant argue without your pathetic little jibes. Im half inclined to insist you must indeed be some antisemitic little prick. After all its you that is filled with such hatred that you cant bring yourself to argue any relevant points without indulging in slurs. Hiding behind a mask of some pseudo noble morality 'fighting the right' and all that. Youre pathetic.


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