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June 30, 2006



Even by Maude's poor standards - that's unbelievable.

And this happens when "Nu Labour" are well down in the polls and the pathetic Lib Dems are engaged in an internal "power" struggle.

Perhaps, if Maude he could get these "reforms" through quick enough - they could actually lose their deposit at the next By Election.

Alex Kane

Morning David,

The result confirms both our suspicions, namely, that the electorate aren't quite as stupid or as biddable as Cameron likes to believe.

It proves, too, that traditional Tories (and few seats were as traditional as this one) have huge problems with "Dave".

Interesting, though, that the opinion polls continue to tell a totally different story. I think it's going to be a very interesting general election.

Best wishes,


David Vance


Thanks for that. It raises an issue regarding opinion polls. Fodder for the intelligentsia but nothing to do with reality? Call me Dave's leadership, I believe, is appalling, but the lemmings follow, as Julie Kirkbride demonstrated last night.


The Liberal Democrat's sleazy tactics are very effective at by-elections are sadly rather effective, and have been for a long time before Cameron took over. I'm not pro-Cameron but I don't think the result was about hem.

The vile specimen the Lib Dems put up for this one seems to be a particularly fine example of Liberal Democrathood- http://5thnovember.blogspot.com/2006/06/gotcha-ben-abotts-fakes-it.html

Sean Fear

I'm not pro-Cameron either Ross, but I don't think you can read very much into this by-election result.

The Lib Dems are excellent by-election campaigners and the Conservatives aren't.


The way I'm reading it is that it wasn't that the Lib Dems vote rose dramatically, it's that the Tory vote collapsed. Why would any right-thinking rightist turn out to vote for a party where, for example, people flying England flags are denounced as being like Nazis ?

Alexander Bowman


With due respect, that's nonsense. I write this from Tottenham North London and the trend here is that the guys with cars have twoo flags on one side (stating their birth country - Jamaica; Trinidad: Ghana) and two on the other side of the car with the cross of Saint George...

Sean Fear

I think Dumbjon is referring to a comment made recently by Brian Coleman, Conservative councillor and London Assembly member.


Indeed, SF. In fact, it was the leader of the London Assembly his own useless self that made those comments.


Can't see why the Right won't turn out to vote, can you ?


Don't like Sean being called SF! :o(

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