June 15, 2006



At last an advert in spite of the world cup. Take a look at this on ebay, Depending on your sense of humour it will either crack you up or go down like a diplomatic escort



Yes, I have to agree with most of what you say. Though I have noticed that Shami Chakrabarti is now much more measured in what she says, this has to be welcomed - and she is a little babe as you rightly say. She is also very intelligent and articulate. The inclusion of Dougan says it all about how dumbed down the BeeB now is. The guy is really, really embarassing but some clown must have thought he is popular so should be included. The fact that he knows nothing about anything - as his answers soon testified - didn't enter the equation.
Dougan as a footballer, then a football pundit was embarassment enough for this place - now he fancies himself as a politico. Give me strength.
What next on Question Time, arch-populist Stephen Nolan?


When it was announced an election or two ago that Derek Dougan was to stand in East Belfast under the title of Northern Ireland Football team candidate i was surprised the big man only picked up a few hundred derisory votes, until last nights Question Time that is! Its not stretching it too far to call him a football legend, he like Best and Jennings would have made a UK team, who from Ulster would make it today?
Although Derek wouldnt have got as many caps as George or Pat because, he probably would only have got a look in if Bobby Charlton was injured!
My favourite moment of Question time was when a women in the audience in reference to Heather Mills - McCartney said "I wouldnt like to be in her shoes!" seeing the repressed smirks and sniggering from the other audience members was enjoyable!

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