June 24, 2006



In fairness David, the Garda made light of the "arrest" so to say that they were mistreated by the Irish is not accurate.

David Vance


OK - fair point. It's the Irish "activists" that enrage me - they are just as mad as the other Euroweenies!!!


"So, this is how Ireland treats US soldiers fighting against the Islamic killers in Iraq?"

Come on David. Even the local garda refused to take this man seriously. This local eccentric is not Ireland.

Madradin Ruad

On the other hand the nutter got the support of the leader of the greemn party - amd presumably SF as well .

Frank O'Dwyer

"I was put through to Ennis garda station, but the garda on duty made light of the matter,"

lmfao! I would pay good money to hear what the garda actually said.

The Troll

yeah lets hope the next IRA/SF bagman that comes to the US to get his terror money gets the same treatment

I posted this on my blog David


i suppose he would have been just as gobsmacked as anyone else that the soldiers actually stayed on the footpath as this man instructed.



I was thinking that too. I wonder is it respect for rules or curiosity to see what would happen.

Madradin Ruad

Maybe he arrested them in Irish ?


A mixture of both I guess. They were just bemused at the whole incident and just hung around for the 'craic'.


My mother had to change out of her uniform in Belfast before going home to Donegal when she was on leave during the war.



Don't start that one up again ;)


They certainly have something to tell the grandkids :o)

Madradin Ruad


Don't start that one up again ;)

Silly of me - I forgot, nobody in Ireland actually uses the language :)

Mike Cunningham

I think the telling comment is that when this clown phoned the police, he actually got through! Try doing that in virtually the whole of this United Kingdom, and you will be treated to a recorded message telling you to "call back during office hours!"

The Phantom

So why isn't this Conor Cregan arrested himself for making a false arrest?


{i suppose he would have been just as gobsmacked as anyone else that the soldiers actually stayed on the footpath as this man instructed.}

Maybe they misheard him, and thought they were being offered an Irish delicacy "Irish Stew in the name of the law".

(Long Silence)




Moonbat is right, there is nothing in the Irish constitution about neutrality. You'll be blaming Americans for Illinois Nazis next.

I see however a couple of boys with baseball bats did a citizens arrest on a Latvian in Lisburn.

Just the latest in the never-ending attacks on foreigners in Northern Ireland.

Is beatings with baseball bats how foreigners are treated in Northern Ireland?

Madradin Ruad

a couple of boys with baseball bats did a citizens arrest

Ah, the Poisonous garfield is back



The grandfather used to tell this story about being out cycling to work during the war and 6 lorries of Yank troops stoped and one leaned out and asked for directions for what he pronounced as Eeeedernee
the old man hadnt a clue what they were on about at the time and only thought of Edderny much later,he often wondered where they ended up


If the soldiers had shot him it would have been a story. As it stands it's nothing. The Garda was correct to refuse to take it seriously and displayed a lot more sense that Sargent Trevor.



Just think if their timely arival in Ederney had been crucial to the war effort, your granddad would have had a lot to answer for ;o)

How's the hay making?


Almost there---at this rate I'll be able to grant Berties request and cover for him on the 12th at the castle---

[I can also have a look at the debits and credits of our kingdoms finances}


*coughs nervously*

There something I need to break to you.

BTW you haven't been upholding the family tradition and giving false directions to American soldiers.

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