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May 09, 2006


Martin W. Barnes

Of course Beckett won't rock the boat. She knows better. She's been put in her job because Blair wants to dance to his Daddy (President Bush) and get a fishie (the "special relationship" between the British ruling class and Yankee imperialism) in his little dishie.

Dosen't matter if we all go up in a great big nuclear mushroom cloud.


The Troll

were going to bomb them no matter what the UN says period!


For each conventional bomb you drop prepare to lose at least a hundred soldiers in Iraq. Glad you find their lives so worthless. And for each nuclear bomb you drop prepare for ten years of terror attacks on the US. Remember as the IRA once said to Margaret Thatcher, they only need to be lucky ONCE. You need to be lucky EVERY TIME.


We don't have to use nukes. Iran is going to have to be dealt with whether you like it or not Adrian. We will not submit to Islam - - we got our final warning you know. The letter that the beautiful and intelligent Ms. Rice dismissed so quickly.

It's not surprising what the UN has come up with. Big fat nothing as usual. We have to go through these STUPID motions to keep people like you happy Adrian. That never works either because you're never happy with any decision that doesn't require kissing some moslem's ass. Bush is quite moderate when compared with millions of Americans. He's been a bit TOO moderate many of us are starting to think. Thank your lucky stars for Bush!

The Troll

your vast knowledge of American warfare just amazes me Jr

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