May 09, 2006



May yet be true Colm, im all for women in power when theyre sharp, they tend to be rather effective. Did anyone see that young woman stand up to the bigots in Afghanistans Parliament, i think her name is Joya? *WOW* Naturally they set on her like wolves with fists and bottles (incl the other women MPs) and threatened to kill her as she left. She said there were two types of Mujahadin, the genuine ones and the ones 'who slaughtered innocents'


God protect us from this dreadful couple getting back into the White House!


Hi Colm, Hi Alison
Thanks to over five years of the Bush administration, America's economic, political and moral decline has gained too much momentum to be arrested merely by electing a woman as President.

Hilary may not know much about Iraq but Bush didn't even know the name of the Dictator of Pakistan until he got elected. That same dictator is now one of Bush's closest allies in the so-called war on US-defined terror.


Oh and Hi Aileen too! Also Daytrip and all the other fellas I didn't say Hi to.


Hello Adrian. Ye of little faith! Goodness the West has faced worse and funnily enough it was usually the women who pulled them out. BUT thats not to say a Clinton would be up to the task.

Oh well. Wotshisname might be an ally but he's doing a crap job.


I mean wotshisname in Pakistan (not Bush) sorry - LOL!


He's not only an ally but he's also America's most dependable partner in Asia. That's why he managed to stay dictator so long. If it wasn't for him you'd have had a hell of a time taking out the Taliban.

The West has faced worse than Bush? Don't tell me! How'd Laura Bush be as President?


Ill remember that when im reminded of my wonderful tube jouney last July. Werent al my fellow commuters tripping back and forth to Pakistan? I havent yet made it back onto a tube. Im a wuss.

Yes it has Adrian. Dont be silly.


If it wasn't for him you'd have had a hell of a time taking out the Taliban.

you mean the pakistani created/nurtured/supported taliban?


I mean the American-sponsored Pakistan-nurtured Taliban.
Pakistan isn't being two-faced here - it's quite clear that Pakistan does exactly what the CIA tells it to do when it comes to sponsoring terrorists.


Ya could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard about Murdoch. Don't know what's going on there but reading the comments has been interesting.

My opinion is the Hildebeast won't win. Unless. Well - hmmmm.


Hi Monica!
Don't forget that Kerry was EVEN worse than Bush.

So it's not possible to predict the outcome of an American Presidential election until you know something about BOTH candidates.


Ah, cattle futures about to do well again, then?



I agree that Hillary would be unlikely to win, although Adrian's point that it depends on the opponent is an important one. She'd do better against, say, Bill Frist. If the republicans are smart enough to nominate McCain she wouldn't have a prayer. That reminds me - if it does turn out to be Hillary vs. McCain, who would Troll vote for?


Forgot to add that I wouldn't want her to win. Regardless of whether she's accomplished anything in the Senate, the degree to which she's been trying to position herself in the center to get ready for 2008 is shameful.


McCain won't get there - the Republican base won't allow it. I highly doubt that the Hildebeast will either - too many democrats hate her including the head of the DNC.

As always it will be very interesting to watch.

Maybe the Constitution Party will come out big. (that was a joke)

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