May 02, 2006


Tom Tyler

I'm thoroughly convinced that Blair will not sack Prescott or Clarke because they KNOW something about Blair, they've got some goodies on him which would bring the whole government down if it was revealed. (Think back to John Major - a man who we now know had an affair before he became PM, unknown to the public until a few years ago, yet he was allowed to become PM, I'll tell you why, blackmail. Conservative central office chose him because they knew they could "trust" him not to rock the boat, or else. Just like it's being said that both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair "trust" Prescott to broker the changeover of leadership between them...I wonder why??) What a vomit-inducing corrupt bunch of cretins they all are.
I read Cameron's Q&A interview in The Independent yesterday, and I was similarly repulsed by his refusal to answer the simple question of whether he did, in fact, puff the odd joint earlier in his life. What an idiot, doesn't he realise he is setting himself up for a similar scandal later on? Why not just be honest about it now? Labour, Tories, I'm sick of them all.


Why has Brown got away so lightly after a debacle with tax credits payments for the second year running. Neither competetent or prudent!

Tom Tyler

Hey, David, here's some lyrics I fiddled around with a few days ago, I think you'll appreciate this!

Dedicated to everyone who voted Labour last year: "I hope you're happy now!"

Blair's a fine figure of a man and handsome too
Clarke spies upon our liberties which he'd like to undo
1000 crooks freed, who knows who, or where they are now?
And I hope you're happy now

Brown's got all the things you need and some that you will never
With his steel-eyed frown like frozen fish, his taxes last forever
Still he knows what's best for you, and what he won't allow
And I hope you're happy now

I hope that you're happy now like you're supposed to be
And I hope your Labour vote will hurt you more than it hurts me

Prescott's acting innocent and proud still you know what he's after
Like a gigolo with his pork sword, while we all die of laughter
In his turquoise pyjamas and council-tax free flat
I hope you're happy now because they'll soon put paid to that
I knew then what I know now, Labour screws you any way, anyhow
And I hope you're happy now!

David Vance


I read the same thing with Call me Dave and it was indeed vomit inducing. The truth is not in him.


Until a couple of weeks ago I thought that the elections might not be to bad for Labour, because Cameron didn't really enthuse his core supporters who are the only people who vote in local elections, but it looks like Clarke and the the BFG (Big Fat Groper) have done the job for him. Of course this assumes that Cameron regards having Conservative councillors as a good thing.

Incidently has anyone noticed how none of Gordon Brown's allies have been getting into trouble, uncanny isn't it.

David Vance


That's excellent - I just read it! I love the aggression behind the original song (!) and I think your pastiche carries the right level of disgust that any decent person must feel at the NuLabour goon squad (!)


Patricia Hewitt in a parallel universe, says things are good when no one can get a dentist, Charles Clarke incompetent and evasive, John Prescott sleazy and vulgar and hasn’t been seen to do much that is useful, Gordon Brown buying votes by creating thousands of non-jobs and racking up the debt and taxes and making a debacle of tax credits 2 years on the trot, Tessa Jowell benefiting from hundreds of thousands of pounds she says she didn’t know about and splitting up with her husband until the cameras left the doorstep, the Blairs on the take, Ruth Kelly a religious fundamentalist telling us everyone is getting A grades while the Universities and employers say the kids can’t read or write, the MoD can’t get fire extinguishers into war planes, the trains don’t work and the streets are a weekend battle zone.

Things can only get better because it can’t get much worse than this. Nine more years anyone?

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