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May 29, 2006


Madradin Ruad

Ironic - looks as if a Brit DID start the shooting at Bloody Sunday.

David Vance

I demand a public enquiry!

Madradin Ruad

David - I dare say there will be calls for that from some of his Victims in the RM ....

Hugh Green

I'm confused.

If this story is true, it means that British security forces deliberately engineered the death of soldiers and a civilian in order to discredit the Provisional IRA. They supposedly employed an informant to do so, who may or not be Martin McGuinness.

So why is Martin McGuinness the focus of this post? Surely the actions of the British state should elicit greater attention than the potential embarrassment to Sinn Fein. After all, McGuinness was in the IRA; the IRA did it - these things are not news.

What is news, if you can call it that, is the role of the British state in this particular matter. If people believe this story to be true, has their opinion of the British security forces altered?

David Vance


My point is that a man who some saw fit to serve as Minister for Education allegedly enthused about creating human bombs. He has also been elected to Parliament and the Assembly. What sort of people would vote for such a monster? Don't YOU think that is news?

Occasional Commentator

You said that Patsy Gillespie was an IRA man (which would imply he was a voluntary suicide bomber). That's not the case. He was a civilian forced into doing it and is as much of a victim as anyone else. He was chained to his truck.

Please correct the story ASAP, it would probably cause great distress to his family.


>>JII8 was a man who delighted at the development of turning people into HUMAN BOMBS!<<

And he was not alone!
You forget to mention, David, that the same source insists that British intelligence had directed the agent - whoever he is - to push the human bomb development "knowing it would make the IRA deeply unpopular even with those who tolerated other types of attacks."

BTW Was Patsy Gillespie really an IRA man, or is this just an attempt to push the IRA into the line of US flack by alleging a "suicide bomber" element?

David Vance


Sorry that was a typo error. He was an innocent man, brutally slain in a horrendous manner. Indeed the point of my post is that the murder of this poor man demonstrates the depravity of terrorism.


Can you edit your post please. This man has been too easily forgotton and his end truely vile. His family must relive his last moments over and over.

And people vote for thse responsible!!!

Madradin Ruad

Those people claiming to be champions of Human rights held his wife and children at gunpoint - telling him that they would be shot unless he drove the bomb to it's target.

David Vance

It's done.


A truely dreadful choice to make someone make. Your family murdered or you must murder others and yourself. Makes one ashamed of the human race and what it is capable of.

Madradin Ruad

Indeed Aileen - Those Irish Republicans are even lower than the suicide bombers.

David Vance

Makes one ashamed of certain elements within the human race. Poor Mrs Gillispie and her family. So awful - a prelude to 9/11, Hamas et al.

Madradin Ruad

That's one side of Irish Republicanism I'll bet was glossed over in Loach's sick-fest.

Hugh Green

certain elements within the human race

Which include, if the story is true, agents of the British state as well as Irish republicans.


I have not read this article claiming involvement between McGuinness and MI6, are they getting MI5 and MI6 mixed up? I always thought MI6 was mainly involved in gathering intelligence outside the UK?
While MI5 since 1992 were in charge of security intelligence and gathering within the UK as regards PIRA? it reminds me of the militant Labour councillor in Liverpool who claimed he was being bugged by the MFI!
Everybody knows McGuinness has had contacts with MI5, it was to them he sent the famous note "The war is over , help us bring it to an end" This resulted in his meeting with MI5 officer Oakley in Londonderry. Oakley telling him the that a United Ireland was inevitable ,demographics etc! So did McGuinness fall for an intelligence service trap or were/are they working to the same objective a United Ireland? I was rather surprised in the 70s though nothing surprises me now, to see Army documents gushing with back handed praise for McGuinness describing him as " intelligent and officer material"

Occasional Commentator

Just to note, as others have already implied, many Irish Republicans would be just as disgusted as anyone else at the human bomb campaign, while also supporting the war against the security services. One could even be a totally pacifist Republican, but there aren't many of them. Irish republicanism is and always has been divided over tactics, strategy and even on what was being fought for.

I think it was the case that PSF were considering a 'divorce' from the PIRA in the 90's just over this type of attack?

Martina Gillespie

Just for the record who ever left the comment saying it said somewhere that Patsy Gillespie was an ira man. Well he WASN'T an ira man he was an innocent man who had his life brutally taken from him! And we his family are still suffering to this very day and always will be! He was a very deeply loved man and will NEVER be forgotten! R.I.P Patsy xx.

Martina Gillespie

Just for the record who ever left the comment saying it said somewhere that Patsy Gillespie was an ira man. Well he WASN'T an ira man he was an innocent man who had his life brutally taken from him! And we his family are still suffering to this very day and always will be! He was a very deeply loved man and will NEVER be forgotten! R.I.P Uncle Patsy love u always xx.

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