April 10, 2006


Madradin Ruad

Subversion from within David. One of the biggest steps towards the collapse of democracy is the subversion of policing - as seen in Germany in the 30s. This infiltration and subversion has always been militant Republican strategy - From the Gaelic league to NICRA, infiltrate and subvert.

David Vance

And subversives have NO place in Government, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.


Hey guys the Sindo comes out with these half-baked stories every sunday, complete with anonymous sources, phony documents designed purely to discredit SF, as the McDowell leaning Sindo fears SF's rise at the next election.
Propoganda chaps!
Don't believe what you read.
Its like reading the Daily Mail, and then saying "see what labour are upto".
Its all bullshit, it sells newspapers.


People believe what they want to believe.
Rarely has TRUTH anything to do with it, and is invariably the first casualty.
Tap away on yer keyboard David, its just re-inforcing your paranoi. Am I allowed to say that :)


From the shadowy figures who ruled the 'Republican' ghetto's during the nightmare days of the bombing campaigns, to the Armani-suited clowns who prance and preen under the flags of 'The Peace Process', the one message has never altered; the message which was so cynically spoken by one Gerry Adams, "They haven't gone away, y'know"

The final sentence of the post by David is the telling one, and whereas the Brit and Eire politicians and other creeps seek compromise and appeasement, the only true reply to Mr. Adams and his sinister rhetoric is already available. It is very easily delivered, being only 7.62mm. in diameter!


why don't you go do it then genghis, being the hard man you are.
You ain't even out of nappies yet. LOL

Madradin Ruad

SF are revealed as wanting to worsen the Balkanisation of NI by promoting apartheid policing.

american business men are also going to fund C.R.J. , the stepping stone for above, perhaps we should pay mad arabs to knee cap their kids as well. in the spirit of equlity, of course.

Chris Gaskin

What a load of crap!

We have set up Community Safety Groups in South Armagh. The crime in the area has went down by over 80% since we did, break ins, anti-social behaviour etc.

It involves all members of the community, from the GAA to the local parish priest, SDLP etc

We are working well with all statutory agencies but it is not an alternative to a Police service, trouble is that we don't have one of those at the moment.

It is about empowering communities and creating awareness.

This newspaper article is the usual howling in the moonlight by Cusack

David Vance

I believe that under the Nazi rule, crime plummeted as well. The howling comes from wolves dressed as "community safety" lambs.


I love that "all members of the community, from the GAA to the local parish priest, SDLP etc" thing.

Not many prods in that "community" then, Chris?

Chris Gaskin

No DST, not many "prods" in my part of the country, sorry but just a fact of life.


'No DST, not many "prods" in my part of the country, sorry but just a fact of life.'

Yes, your fellow travellers sorted that situation out some years ago . .

David Vance

I know - I was one of them "prods"...

November Rain

Just so this conversation doesn't descend into a exaggerated MOPE, can I point out that the Community Safety Groups are organised on a village by village basis and Chris' comments about the whole community would have applied specifically to his own village, a place where I do not believe there is any evidence of "prods" being driven out, not even your good self, David.

David Vance

November Rain,

Fair point. However my issue lies with the Sinn Fein/IRA insurrectionist strategy, and their perversion of democratic politics.


Fair point. However my issue lies with the Sinn Fein/IRA insurrectionist strategy, and their perversion of democratic politics.

what democratic politics? they simply dont exist in northern ireland.

Madradin Ruad

Apartheid policing.

mother of ten shot in unionist area - police involved.

mother of ten shot in SF controlled area - crime ? There's been no crime committed ....

The wheel goes full circle - SF are demanding that things which were totally unacceptable when they weren't in control are now returned so they can do what they claimed Unionists were wrong to do in "the bad old days". NICRA demanded the end of local policing because it led to harassment, victimisation and bullying - SF now want it brought back .... because they'll be the ones in the driving seat.

Chris Gaskin

Thanks NR for bring some sense of reality to this MOPE fest.

The community groups are organised on a village by village basis. There is also an over-arching community forum but as most of the Protestants that live in South Armagh live in Newtown and Bessbrook the fact that we have yet to set up groups there would explain the lack of protestant involvement.

Groups will hopefully be set up there next and then we will have Protestant involvement.

OK DST?, there are no Protestants in Dromintee nothing I can do about that.

Madradin Ruad

The papers are full of speculation - could it have been a South Armagh CSG that paid a visit to Donegal ?

Chris Gaskin

No it couldn't MR, winding as usual LOL ;)

Madradin Ruad

LOL - you spoilsport Chris!

Madradin Ruad

The cottage has an interesting history though - did you see the SBP article ?

Chris Gaskin


Madradin Ruad

Interesting IRA connection :

A former IRA prisoner, who was released under the Good Friday agreement , is being questioned in connection with the hijacking of a truck in Co Meath.

Perfect recruit for community policing ?

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