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February 26, 2006



Shit, i can't believe i agree with Andrew

David Vance

I heard one of the animal rights "activists" refer to hamsters and mice as "his brothers and sisters" on the BBC yesterday. No one laughed.

Andrew McCann

Says much about Auntie's politics.


I saw the anti-vivisection lot when I was shopping in Oxford yesterday afternoon. I wondered why being against animal experimentation was a reason not to wash.


animals are not people so therefore the experiments are just that experiments. Leave animals alone, test on skum like Ian Brady etc. I hope the protests against are kept up in Oxford and nothing is built. As I have said leave animals alone...treat them decently like no more battery farming, animals kept in appalling conditions tied to railings (pigs) and then perhaps we wouldn't get problems like bird flu and the rest.


i thoroughly recommend this Penn&Teller Vs PETA video short, for anyone who aint previously seen it.



"Leave animals alone, test on skum like Ian Brady etc."

Where to stop with that line of thinking? Perhaps it ends here:-


Animal experimentation is crucial for the advancement of medical science, including the development of antidepressants for all those lefties who needed them to deal with the re-election of Dubya.

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