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February 19, 2006



And all their kids will have been educated in state-funded Islamic schools:



Have you seen this survey from todays Sunday Telegraph?


It seems that 40% of muslims surveyed want sharia law!!!!!

Other articles suggested that what many immams want is muslim enclaves, not integration. And of course they will demand sharia law for these enclaves...

Brown noseing politicians will of course agree to give them it, if their current track record is anything to go by!!!!


It just proves what mant of us have suspected for a long time. Muslim demands are not about religious tolerance, they are about gianing power and control.

David Vance

....and the Dhimmi thinking at the top of our political establishment does NOTHING to persuade them from their outrageous plans to impose Sharia. If they don't like our laws, they should leave our land. Isn't that only fair?


Mark Steyn, writing in The Australian makes the point well

"Why is this newspaper published in the language of a tiny island on the other side of the earth? Why does Australia have an English Queen, English common law, English institutions? Because England was the first nation to conquer infant mortality.

By 1820 medical progress had so transformed British life that half the population was under the age of 15. Britain had the manpower to take, hold, settle and administer huge chunks of real estate around the planet. Had, say, China or Russia been first to overcome childhood mortality, the modern world would be very different.

What country today has half of its population under the age of 15? Italy has 14 per cent, the UK 18 per cent, Australia 20 per cent - and Saudi Arabia has 39 per cent, Pakistan 40 per cent and Yemen 47 per cent. Little Yemen, like little Britain 200 years ago, will send its surplus youth around the world - one way or another."

David Vance

Mark is on the button, as ever. It's mass Western suicide and we don't even hear it properly DISCUSSED on the MSM.



I dare say that if a local Muslim dominated Council votes for it - we will have simpering Dhimmi's coming on to the BBC saying that we must accept the will of the people.

Could a local majority overrule the view of a national majority in order to set-up a mini statelet based on the domination of a single religion? An Islamic State for an Islamic people?

Bradford will fight and Bradford will be right?

David Vance

I would have to say No Surrender to such a notion....


It's not fashionable to be a mother or housewife, and hasn't been for decades. 'Glorified Whore' is the term used for a housewife by the left. I should know - I've been called that name.

The left are assisting the insane muslims whose goal is to create an islamic world.


Monica, it's the left who are insane, not the Muslims. The Islamists know exactly what they are doing - building a world caliphate.

Ultonian Scottis American

I, for one, will begin, starting now, to protest Dhimmi-tude by refusing to use the letter "Q" in ways that violate the English language usage when referring to Muslim words.

So, from now on it's:


Any other suggestions for the list?


As to the declining birthrates, how much is due to the importation of cheap foreign labour?

According to an AP story today, Appalachian mine owners want to import cheap Mexican labour, for all the usual BS reasons, with all the usual lies about its necessity.

The mine owners want to turn a dirty, dangerous, but semi-well paying job that Americans do do, into a dirty, dangerous, and low-paying job that Americans won't do.

In the words of disgruntled miner Homer Black, "They bring Mexicans in here, they'll get 'em killed. These people ain't going to put up with it."

I just hope that the miners reserve their ire for the mine owners, and any politicians, that try to have their way.


“An excellent plumber is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher. The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because it is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.” - John Gardiner


"It seems that 40% of muslims surveyed want sharia law!!!!!"

That is not comforting to say the least. However presumably 60% don't. I can imagine that many muslims will also be alarmed. Those muslims who just want to follow their religions without wanting to force it down our throats would be even more in the firing line than the rest of us as "traitors". The future battles (literal and through literature) may well be between different factions of Muslims. I won't call it moderates versus extremists, but those extremely in favour of a theoocracy and curtailing freedoms and those extremely opposed to that.


aileen.. i agree.
i said back in 9/11, discussing with my pakistani workmate, that there has to be a civil war within islam ... otherwise we in the west will be forced to "quarantine" the whole lot, unable to distinguish good from bad. Shouldnt be too tricky in their self-imposed ghettos.
Mind you, that was before the current mainstream dhimmi mindset had manifested clearly.
But i still kinda have faith in the indiginous masses to resist the cancer, when push finally comes to shove.

David Vance


Isn't the problem here the dhimmi attitiude of the West - which encourages the militant Islamists and perhaps discourages those more moderate voices within Islam? If we cracked DOWN on the hardliners, then maybe there less extreme brethern might feel less isolated???


That there may be 60% of muslims who do not want sharia law is not a point for optimism. The 40% who do want sharia would be, or rather, are prepared to kill their opponents and themselves if need be in order to impose sharia law on all others. This will include us and, as Mark Steyn has remarked, you/I will be alive when that battle rages.
Now that the threat is evident, a real response is required.


I didn't say that it was a cause for optimism just that we should n't lose sight of that 60% and tar them all with the same brush. Holding on to that needs to be part of the "real response" IMHO.


I don't disagree but the devil is in the detail of what "crack down" may entail.

It is all part of the dilema. The things that you may do to defend you society may end up being the those things that make that society no longer worth defending.


Aileen, These muslims are not part of our society and that is deliberately so on their part. They should be deported back to countries whose societies which are more in keeping with their stated beliefs and ambitions. By doing so, we will have protected our own society and all of those who have assimilated and contributed to it.


The demographic situation is such that the west is dying. Even if evey Muslim left Europe we would have a serious problem.

It turns out the society we created is an evolutionary dead end.

How many children have we who are posting about the problem got between us?


There are 180,000 of us being wiped out evry year before birth. Since the abortion Act of 1967, over 6 million Britons have been eliminated. The first action of any serious government should be to ensure that the letter of that law is observed by the doctors who warrant that the mother's life is in danger etc.

David Vance

"Crack down" means isolate, quarantine, imprison, deport..do not allow them to remain free when they threaten our very future.



It was interesting that the report counted as "missing" the theoretical babies women said they wanted to have but not the real babies that were killed by abortion.

That and some of the suggested solutions gave a strong impression of reluctance to think outside the PC box.


"There are 180,000 of us being wiped out evry year before birth. Since the abortion Act of 1967, over 6 million Britons have been eliminated. The first action of any serious government should be to ensure that the letter of that law is observed by the doctors who warrant that the mother's life is in danger etc"

It's the countries with the most liberal abortion laws which have the lowest abortion rates.


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