February 19, 2006


The Phantom

Point well taken.

This type of image is common in the Arab Press, in a press that is always under some sort of government control. I have never heard a peep of protest from any Arab or Muslim source about it.

Some of the outrage is sincere, but it has been orchestrated by the worst sort of antisemetic bums, some of whom are govt officials.

BTW, it is to be noted that there have been no violent protests by any Jews or Israelis over these blood-libel cartoons, as opposed to the hysterical reaction to the printing of images of this Mohammad fellow.

David Vance


I suspect you are right - it is the orchestrated whipping up of Muslim anger that SHOULD be gaining media scrutiny, it does here on the net, but big media chooses to downplay it and focus on the "hurt" - no mention of the blood libels that routinely fill the Arab press, no investigation...


We are at war. The enemy is amongst us. It's time to speak out and stand up. Troll and I attended a meeting that CAIR sponsored in Philly - there is no hope. We are dealing with insane people who are secure in their justification for killing us all.

The Troll

its all a scam orginized by the radicals to wip the legions into a frenzy the "sensitive ROP" print cartoons about jews everyday but thats ok and the cartoons ran in an egyptian paper months before and no riots took place there getting ready for the second phase of this world war and you guys are more on the frontlines than we are

The Troll

PS go to Monicas site she posted a great story about a CAIR meeting we went to

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