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February 27, 2006



Andrew, dont be too harsh on the councillors in the 50s, In Liverpool we were building 10000 new houses a year in 1954, yet still had 56000 on the waiting list,88000 exisiting houses were unfit for habitation.
IN 1954 the national government in London told local councils they had to build high rise blocks of between 17 and 20 stories otherwise they wouldnt get any subsidies for housing, local authorities had to include multi storey plans when submitting slum clearence plans also architects,designers and building firms were pro multi storey.


plus the fact that limited space in urban areas dictates that the only way is up. but it would be nice if they could build something that is pleasing to the eye, for both tenant and observer.

and you managed to pass comment withour resorting to left wing conspiracy. those pills mustve kicked in.


AMcC;'What if, in forty or so years time, the trend for sardine-tin living is once again rejected for something approaching a decent and spacious house?'

*Maybe the planners realise that increasingly the workers of this generation are being squeezed to a point whereby they don’t have time to maintain a proper house with a decent amount of room and a proper garden. With the ‘equality’ of both partners being equally squeezed and forced to work long hours, and with our retirement being robbed from us, who will have time for gardening?.

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