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February 21, 2006


Madradin Ruad

DUP slams Colombia Three appearance at SF ard fheis

Michael Shilliday

Pleasure! Those were only the best ones, there were some more good ones in there.

Andrew McCann


Tell me more, tell me more

Chris Gaskin

I thought there was far better ones, I thought the Ard Fheis was great. QUB had quite a few motions in.

From PFI's to Policing.

Great stuff!!

Michael Shilliday

yes, QUB fulfilled both the terrorist and communist criteria - well done to them.

David Gough

Lovely stuff. If they keep this up Ireland will never, ever be united.
Please don't send motion 128 to John Prescott.

Andrew McCann

'Great stuff'

What a sad individual.

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