February 19, 2006



Thanks David. I am still freaked out by what I saw and heard at that meeting.

Felix Quigley


This is very interesting. The more of these reports on the spot you do the better. I know we have had a petite difference in the past but this kind of reporting is invaluable.

I want to encourage David Vance to get out and cover some of the issues like that in Ireland, for example there was an Islamist march in Dublin last weekend. David should also pay some attention to the Islamist fellow travellers in the North who ARE publishing material UNCONTESTED. I will try but we need help.

I particularly liked the first respondent to your piece, called O'Donahue I think. "Best not to think about it" he said. And I am sure he was being ironic! I do like the ordinary working class American sense of humour!


It is well that I wasn't there. I have trouble controlling my big mouth and probably would have been chased around the room by bearded men with rusty cutlery.


if you could provide a quote of what these people say it would be a lot more persuasive.

I couldn't find a single one. All I saw was your subjective interpretation of what was said.

Bring a dictaphone next time and stick it in front of the mic or the speaker.

David Vance


Had I to endure the sort of Islamonazi propaganda that Monica sat through, I would explode. (Not literally, I hasten to add) However I love the idea of someone attending these meetings and doing a summary of what is talked about. To that end, some of the "Pro-Palestinian" meetings you highlight represent rich material - all we need is an intrepid ATW Reporter who will attend, observe, and share the feedback with us.

I think Monica and Troll have done a GREAT service by going along - but both the UK and Ireland have many similar meetings and I agree they should be picked up on for the purposes of seeing how the dark side operates.....so, any volunteers from a wannabe reporter????


Of course my experience was a subjective interpretation - I don't pretend that it was anything else. If I ever attend an event in the future and relate my experience of it - I'm sure that my subjective interpretation is what will be provided. If you want a reporter Garfield - go watch the BBC. LOL!

We were standing to the side and the longer this meeting went the more the bile was rising in my throat. We were totally unprepared. The notes we took are on a shriveled piece of paper and I could only find one pen in my purse. I was dumbstruck by what I was hearing. But they proved themselves to be JUST where Daniel Pipes said they are - even as much as the muz's ridicule Mr. Pipes as being a racist and islamophobe - they are EXACTLY what he has said they are.

And they are violent and perfectly secure in the justification for their violence AND VERY unwilling to condemn any violence done in the name of their Allah. That is just my opinion mind you...


Well done for going along Monica. Was the Imam US born do you know?


Yes he is US born.


Thanks for this David.


BTW - just to clarify. (I'm getting paranoid here......)

Daniel Pipes has criticized CAIR and Islamists specifically. I agree with him 100% on that.

I'm still searching for that 'moderate' muslim. Mansour Ijaz might be the one.

Felix Quigley

Yes david, you're on. We have GOT to publicise what is happening in Ireland on the Islamofascist neoleftist republican front.

There is a lot of real violence inside these people - the enemies of Israel and they tend to see a Zionist as somebody who actually has grown horns.

They find me very difficult to deal with indeed... because I am an Irishman, proud to be Irish, who supports Irish national liberation, who supports the 1916 Rebellion, who ALSO supports the rights of the Protestants and Unionists in the North to THEIR independent state, add to that my support for the rights of Israel.

I would like to be assured of some safety in certain situations. I am not wishing to meet those 72 virgins just yet!!!

However David a great deal can immediately be gathered from their publications. So I will continue to work on this. And I won't let it slip. I will come back to it.

Felix Quigley


The strength of Monicas report was that it WAS her interpretation of the event! Totally valid!


Thank you Felix.

It's getting freaky out there. Watch your back. Atleast I have my concealed carry permit. Just remember many things can be used as weapons. Jab a pen in the ear. Thumb in the eyeball. Punch to the throat. Lots of things.....

The Troll

Thats my Girl

Mike's America

I still think Monica should have turned the Troll loose! I can see it now: "TAKE THIS JIHAD!"

Monica and Troll: I hope you went out and had some Pork BBQ after that event.

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