January 08, 2006


ch in texas

David, This always pissed me off too until I realized that these people aren't really feminists (whatever that means) but leftists. They don't care that Bush has liberated more women than anyone else. They hate Bush, and would keep women in the burka if it meant he failed.

Also this is wrapped up in the politics of abortion. I think in Europe this gets a big yawn. Feminists didn't care if Clinton raped women, as long as he supported abortion. Developed countries wonder why their populations are dropping? Stop killing the children! Who said that cultures don't die, they commit suicide?

David Vance


In total agrement - they're feminazis!


And they say we have no right to go on a real crusade...


Hey! I was going to use the 'feminazi' line David. That's okay - you beat me to it.

Did you know that little ole Grizzly Mama actually used to be a member of N.O.W.? (National Organization of Women) We're going back about 20 years. It didn't take long to realize that they only really cared about abortion. So many women's issues out there and it's all about abortion to them.

CH is right about Clinton. The feminazis are USUALLY screaming their little heads off about rape, sexual harassment and suborning perjury. Dead silence when Clinton's escapades were revealed in all their sickening clarity. Dead silence now as women are being stoned, teachers are being beheaded for educating girls, so-called 'honor killings' are a given in the 'Religion of Pieces'.

All they care about is killing those babies...

David Vance

Gotta agree with you Monica....

Alan McDonald


You asked:
Have you heard Babs Streisand on the threat posed by Islam to the rights women rightly enjoy in our pluralist Western democarcies?

After a few seconds of searching, I can tell you the answer is YES!

Got to http://www.barbrastreisand.com/statements.html
The first item is:
Is This The Democracy We Are Fighting For?
...Barbra Streisand
Posted on January 3, 2006

in the third paragraph, see:
With the recent Iraqi election, the only regime that we have helped to erect is a theocratic one, where fundamental Islamic law will likely continue to repress the Iraqi people, spread religious intolerance and deny basic rights to women. Is this what we are fighting for?

Have a nice day.

David Vance

Hey Alan,

Please clarify. Would Babs have preferred the Saddamite tyranny where there were NO women in power? Is that what she is fighting for. Plus, any news on Gwyneth?

Have a nice day. Right back at ya!

Alan McDonald


Good enough; we've moved from Nope to Please clarify. I'd call that progress.

Now I'm off to pursue Gwyneth (for purely political purposes, you understand).

David Vance


You're welcome to moonbat Gwyneth. When you catch her, remember to ask how the mass rapes she forecast if W got back in are going?

Oh - and as for Babs - since the quote you trumpet entirely misreads what has happened in Iraq (As one would expect from her) I suggest you re-read the question I framed which SPECIFICALLY relates to the threat posed by Islam to women in Western democracies, like, say...the USA? C'mon - get me the quote, I'm waiting...

Alan McDonald

I'm back. Gwyneth is a little harder to find than Babs.

UN Hosts Conference On Women's Rights
Aired June 10, 2000 - 0:30 a.m. ET

(scroll almost to the bottom)

ROTH (voice-over): In the movie "A Perfect Murder," actress Gwyneth Paltrow played a UN interpreter. She returned to the UN women's conference and didn't need any translation. Paltrow ripped 45 countries which practice discrimination.


GWYNETH PALTROW, ACTRESS: This discrimination pervades all walks of life - marriage and divorce, citizenship, property and inheritance, employment, domestic violence. There are many countries in which the law requires wife obedience. There are countries in which the law exonerates men who murder their own daughters, sisters and wives in so- called honor killings. There is still one country in which only men have the right to vote.


ROTH: And that being Kuwait, of course, which we talked about earlier on the program.

Alan McDonald


You are right that I did not read the comment in your post to describe the influence of Islam on western democracies. I thought, based on the example, that we were talking about Islam's influence in the middle east.

OK, just so I know what I'm looking for:

The quote must deal with how western women (say, in the US or UK) have lost rights they previously had based on the influence of Islam. (Do I have it now?)

David Vance


First, we all know what Islam's influence on the Middle East is - back to the Dark Ages, rampant anto-Semitism and beheading. None of which Gwnyeth mentioned but then we know why - don't we? Just get me a quote from sweet Gwyn condemning Islam for it's disgraceful treatement of women, y'know the stoners of women in Iran, the mutilation of women in Sudan....and how they wish to impose this on the West. That should be real simple for you.

As for Babs - here's a good quote for you;

"I find George Bush and Dick Cheney frightening, Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft frightening." No mention of Bin Laden, Zarqawi, Saddam, Atta ...clearly she's grounded!


Alan - please don't forget that 'honor killings' are happening right now in Western 'civilized' countries.

Alan - please also don't forget the advocates for Sharia law in Canada. Please also don't forget that radical Islam is being pushed in our public school system AND our prison system in America thanks to the 'Wahhabi Lobby'.

What from Gwynneth and Babs and the left about that? Dead silence.

Alan McDonald


Can't forget what I don't know, as they say. So, tell me all about (or refer me to) the reports of honor killings in western countries, Sharia law in Canada and radical Islam being pushed in our public schools.


David Vance


Do you like the movie "Eyes wide shut"?

Alan McDonald


No, I preferred "Paths of Glory."

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