January 03, 2006



Hi David and ATW pals - hope Christmas and New Year brought / will bring all you wish for.

My heart fell when Yasmin AB's presence was announced on Today this morning...

But YAB gave great value. She showed herself to be a prize idiot, and quite unhinged. A great advertisement for her cause!



Welcome back to the fold. Happy New Year!


DST - spot on. The Ms. Brown demonstrated a rabid intolerence for free speech and the right for anyone to hold a view contary to her own.


David, the left object criticism because so many of them are employed in the massive unnecessary waste of resources that is the PC industry. How else such people get such big salaries and public positions for doing so little?

John Hustings

"I guess the main thing that interests me is why so many (but not all) of those on the Left deny the reality of the politically correct straitjacket they have worked so industriously to put around us! "

Just as the BBC denies its institutional bias.

I think there was a comment piece by David Aaronavitch in the Times recently, which complained about all the "whining" against political correctness and that just sums it up. They don't want all this junk called "political correctness" in the first place (that's offensive). In fact, that's what political correctness is all about: disallowing you from complaining about it.

Have you noticed that complaining about "political correctness" in a general sense is all you're allowed to do? Once you turn it to something specific, like, I dunno, complaining about the amount of council-spending on "Turkish community projects" or the banning of the routemaster because of "lack of disability access", you instantly start getting called bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe etc etc.

Which is political correctness rearing its head again. So political correctness demands that you do not criticise political correctness.

David Vance


Exactly right!

John Palubiski

What a great site....I'm a first time visitor!

I've always been bothered by certain trends within the poltically correct crowd that seem contradictory.....among other things!

Has one ever noticed that when the PCs attempt to establish the bounderies/parameters of a selected victim group they always invoke the racial/ethnic/religious identity of that group, but when attempts are made to establish the identy of the perpetrators of aggressions and crimes those same racial/ethnic/religious profiles are deemed a virtual "crime against humanity"?

"We must never generalise", they say......

David Vance


You're very welcome. The PC brigade are a bunch of narrow-minded intolerant whingers who have made a real effort to limit debate on THEIR chosen hobby horses. Well, here on ATW - we shoot horses, don't we?

Dumb Brit

Amazing how short the clip is. So much for open discussion. I especially loved the bit where the host is trying to stop them arguing. Such nonsense!

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