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January 07, 2006



Oh Jebus, this is like the equivalent of Bill Clinton playing his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show to prove how hip and with-it he is to the kids. Dear politicians - we don't care about the bits of pop culture you digest. I don't want to know what you listen to in your free time, especially not when the list appears to be a blatant and calculated selection of songs and artists that are meant to prove something about your character.

ch in texas

Emily, You've hit the nail on the head. Dave has been looking into the play book of Clinton and "Cool Brittannia" Blair. It's not about core convictions anymore. It's all about image, baby! Who cares about immigration,.. do you wear boxers or briefs? Have you ever cheaated on your wife? (It's a plus if you have). Just admit it on camera, get the tear from the left eye to fall on cue, and you're in! Then get into power, screw everyone who voted for you,retire, write a book, and try to get elected to run the UN. Ain't politics grand.


The worst part about it is that it seems to be infecting people on both sides of the political divide. It's a regular thing now for politicians to be interviewed by MTV DJs and the like. Excuse me, these people should be occupied enough pulling confessions from vomitting rock stars, not the men and women I have elected to run this country.

I've never liked Newt Gingrich much, but I had respect for him when some MTV talking head asked him if he wore boxers or briefs and he told her that he wasn't going to answer that question and that she should be ashamed for asking it.

Can you imagine Winston Churchill telling everyone how he stores his nuthouse?

No but Winston Churchill often made a joke out of drinking. He used to hang his bowler hat on the end of his cane and hold it in the air, and always had a cigar in his hand. Not to mention that he was still wearing a dicibow long after everyone else had stopped. All these things were part of his image.

Margaret Thatcher always wore pearl earings and is world renowned for her love of handbags. Not to mention her signiture Blue suit.

Ken Clarke and his love of cigars, beer, jazz, formula one and cricket, show that he is down to earth.

These politicians have all found it helpful to create an image as well as polices.

James Hellyer

It's true that most leaders have had their gimmicks. John Major had his cricket. Margaret Thatcher had her handbag. Harold Wilson had his mac. Ted Heath had his yacht.

But that's a rather different thing to the the way polticians involve themselves in lifestyle issues now. Those were apolitical signatures. Now polticians use lifestyle issues to brazenly campaign for votes (see the different answers Tony Blair has given about his favourite meal, and all tailored to different audiences).

Daniel Cowdrill, PEELED

That was my comment above.

What tunes would you have on your ipod? And what image would they reflect? If you've a few minutes, Peeled wants to know your thoughts.

James Hellyer

"What tunes would you have on your ipod?"

What ipod?

"And what image would they reflect?"

Don't you think the selection from your preferences can be tailored to create a desired image?

Daniel Cowdrill, PEELED

Don't you have an ipod yet? You need to catch up with the times mate.

"Don't you think the selection from your preferences can be tailored to create a desired image?"

If you mean my preferences as featured at PEELED, I haven't give it much thought really. I suppose young and trendy. By the way, I should be able to have music playing on the blog pretty shortly so you can listen to my ipod selection.


What use is a politician who is unable to bluff? Politicis is all about bluffing and masking your real intentions!

James Hellyer

"Don't you have an ipod yet? You need to catch up with the times mate."

Yes, because obviously not having the latest gadget means you're out of touch.

Daniel Cowdrill

"Don't you have an ipod yet? You need to catch up with the times mate."

That was just me having a bit of a joke. I didn't expect you to rush out and buy one! However, I would recommend them.


its still just a walkman.

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