January 08, 2006


Madradin Ruad

It's not as if her leader didn't mention his children...


What's this thing they've got against Prozac and anti-depressant medication? I've found that it has helped me to live a normal life more than any touchy-feely councellor or therapist could.

James Hellyer

Sadly Patricia Hewitt is right on this matter. David Cameron has quite shamelessly used his child for political propaganda purposes ever since he first stood for leader. Then his camp's default answer when he was accused of privilege, was to say that he had a disabled son. And he's still doing it...

John Hustings

I'm surprised that you've taken this position David. I would've thought you'd see through Cameron's shameless media manipulation involving his son.

He was doing it right back at the beginning of the leadership contest, and any time someone questioned it, he would (hypocritically) retort, "I don't want to use my son as a political football", when that is exactly what he *was* doing.


Tragically, in search of the elusive "public sector vote", I fear Cameron will support the appointment of more counsellors and therapists.

Did we ever learn whether Leo Blair received the multiple MMR jab or three separate jabs? How about Gordon Brown's child?

Of course, Tony Blair did not make any capital out of his minor heart opeartion as a glowing endorsement of the NHS! An operation now denied to less prestigious patients on the grounds of changing priorities!

David Vance

Whoops - I'm being challenged by my own. Good. Right then, the position AS i see it is that anyone has the perfect right to comment on the NHS. That includes Cameron. Of course DC did manage to draw the entirely wrong set of conclusions from his experience of it but there you go, he still has a right to say what he did. And I despise Hewitt! Of course it is scary to see how NuCon is mimicking NuLabour.

Either way - I want to see thw NHS abolished - wondee who would find the courage to put THAT in their manifesto then?


James Hellyer

Oh yes, Cameron is entitled to talk about the NHS, but to to so through the prism of his child is a cynical PR move that borders on the immoral. It's trying to use personal tragedy to advance his (risible) political views.

As for his conclusions, it's obvious that he lacks the courage to say anything that might be remotely controversial, as shown by his shutting the door on NHS reform for ever.

Daniel Cowdrill

It seems that Labour is rattled.

David Vance


The really sad thing for me is that whereas the Conservatives really could make a difference by demolishing the Stalinist NHS, instead DC will institutionalise all the waste, the gross inefficiency, the lack of responsibility. This will mean many tens of thousands of families will have to put up with a third rate service all because of calculated political machination. It's enough to make you sick - though watch out for the NHS if you do become ill!!!

James Hellyer

It's the thing that makes me the most angry: Cameron's apparent abandonment of public service reform leaves us in a situation where we really are a party for the just the rich - they're the only ones can afford to buy their way out of dependence on the public sector.

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